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University of Louisville Teacher Preparation Option (Social Studies)


University of Louisville Teacher Preparation Option (Social Studies)
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Elementary Education (P-5) may led to dual certification with middle school. (Social Studies)
  • Effective for students transferring Fall 2015 or after.
  • Admission to The College of Education and Human Development Teacher Education requires passing PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators and a minimum 2.75 GPA.
  • Application deadline Feb. 1 and Sept. 15
General Education Requirements:
Prefix and Number Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 Writing I 3
ENG 102 Writing II (C or better required) 3
Oral Communication COM 181 OR COM 252 (C or better required) 3
Heritage / Humanities American History (HIS 108 OR 109) 3
Heritage / Humanities Humanities Elective. See Humanities list - not foreign language 3
Social Interaction PY 110 OR PSY 100 3 (4)
Social Interaction Any Social Interactions (SWK 275 recommended) 3
Social Interaction Cultural Diversity course 3
Science Biological or Physical Science with Lab (Only one lab required) 3 (4)
Mathematics MAT 146 OR higher 3
Specialty Courses for Graduation or Transfer:
Prefix and Number Title Credit Hours
Computer Literacy OST 105 OR CIT 105 - Required for graduation 3
EDU 201 Introduction to American Education - Prerequisite ENG 101 (B or better) 3
EDP202 Human Development and Learning - Prerequisite PSY 110 or 100 (B or better) 3
EDP 203 Teaching Exceptional Learners in the Regular Classroom - Prerequisite EDP 202 (B or better) 3
MAT 205 Math for Elementary 1 - Prerequisite MAT 146 or above (C or better required) 3
MAT 206 Math for Elementary 2 - Prerequisite MAT 205 (C or better required) 3
EDTP 399 (UofL) May be taught on JCTC Campus or Metroversity B or better 3
History HIS 104 3
Social Studies electives Choose from HIS 105, ECO 201, HIS 108 or 109 (course not to duplicate history general education). Student must take one course not duplicating the history above but may take all four prior to transfer. 3-9
EDSP 260 (UofL) Classroom Behavior Management - May be taught on Jefferson Campus or Metroversity (B or better) 3