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Criminal Records Check

  1. log onto
  2. scroll down to "online services"
  3. click on criminal record report
  4. scroll down to "online request: AOC fast check"
  5. click on the blue AOC Fast check link
  6. click on the register link
  7. enter your personal information
  8. click the box next to I Agree
  9. click register
  10. click on click here to add a new batch
  11. request type is individual
  12. reason is other
  13. skip prepaid account list
  14. enter all requester information(students personal information)
  15. click manual entry
  16. enter students personal information again
  17. *click add to batch
  18. click submit request
  19. a message that you were successful will pop up click ok
  20. click the green pay now
  21. after entering your payment information you will receive an email notifying you that the request was received and another when it has been processed.
  22. to check the status you can log back into the site and
  23. next to your name you will see either processing or complete
  24. once complete click on the link and print out the record check report
  25. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours if done on a normal business day.