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HST 104 Enrollment


Dear HST 104 students,

Now that you’re enrolled in this course, you have several requirements that must be met prior to the start of class. Please read these instructions carefully. Some of these requirements may take several weeks to complete, so you do need to begin immediately!

  • Step #1
    1. Create a Castlebranch account by going to the Castlebranch web site.
    2. The fee to open a Castlebranch account is $86.20. This fee is not covered in your tuition.
  • Step #2
    1. Click “Place Order”
    2. Select “Package Selection” at the top of the screen
    3. Click “+Please Select” and a drop down list appears
    4. Select “HST 104”
    5. Select: JE57 if you are a student at the Shelby or Downtown campuses: Select the JE57 for the semester that you will be taking the class: SPRING JE57…Summer JE57…or FALL JE57
    6. Select:  JE73 if you are a student at the Carrollton campus: Select the JE73 for the semester that you will be taking the class: SPRING JE73…Summer JE73…or FALL JE73
  • Step #3
    1. Background Check
    2. When you placed your order, Castlebranch began your background check.
  • Step #4
    1. Complete the Drug Screen
    2. Go to your “my castlebranch” account in Castlebranch
    3. Go to your “TO-Do list”
    4. Click on “Drug test/screening” to pull up the correct form.
    5. You must print out this form with the bar code and take it with you to one of the Lab
    6. Corp facilities. If you do not take this form, they will NOT perform the test!
    7. Read and follow the instructions on that form. Lab Corp facilities are located in several locations. 
    8. Not all Lab Corp or Quest facilities participate, so you must go to the lab location at the bottom of the registration form. 
  • Step #5
    1. 2 Step TB Skin Test OR a blood test
    2. 2 Step TB Skin Test Process: Step one: test given and read after 48-72 hours. Wait 7-10 days. Step two: test given and read after 48-72 hours.
    3. The physician or nurse practitioner MUST complete the Absence of TB form.
    4. Submit all documents as 1 PDF document to Castlebranch.
  • Step #6
    1. Influenza vaccine (spring and fall only)
    2. Submit proof of receiving this vaccine during the current flu season.
  • Step #7
    1. Hepatitis B Immunization
    2. The Hepatitis B immunization is a series of three injections. 
    3. You must submit the “infection Control Form.” This form allows you to choose either option 1, which is declination of the vaccine, or option 2, which states that you have received the vaccine and will upload documentation. 
    4. If you are in the process of receiving your Hepatitis B immunizations, and they will not be finished by the due date, then choose option 1. 
  • Step #8
    1. CPR
    2. A CPR certification course is included in HST 104. The course date will be on your syllabus.
    3. If you already have BLS CPR, then you may upload and submit your card to Castlebranch.
    4. Once you complete CPR in your HST class, submit your card to Castlebranch.
    5. Copy and submit the front AND back of your card.
  • Step #9
    1. COVID vaccination
    2. Complete and upload the Informed Consent

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can I get my immunizations?
    • The Little Clinic, Louisville Health Department, your physician
  2. What do I do with all of my results?
    • Upload and submit them to Castlebranch
  3. What do I need to do if Castlebranch rejects my paperwork?
    • You will receive an email from castlebranch stating what document was rejected and why.
    • You must make the necessary corrections and resubmit it.
    • You also may contact Castlebranch at (888) 914-7279 or Servicedesk.cu@castlebranch.com and they will be happy to assist you.

Documents and Forms:

Check your Jefferson Community and Technical College email often for HST 104 and Castlebranch information!

Feel free to contact the MNA office with any questions or concerns,

  • Dallas McKinley, RN
    • MNA Program Coordinator
    • Jefferson Technical Campus, Bldg (B) – Room 206
    • Phone: (502) 213-3664
    • Email:  Dmckinley0011@kctcs.edu
  • Ashley Clark
    • MNA Administrative Assistant
    • Health Science Hall, Room 450
    • Phone: (502) 213-2316
    • Fax: (502) 483-0001
    • Email:  Ashley.clark@kctcs.edu