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T-TEN graduates are confident and productive technicians-with Toyota and industry certifications that separate them from the crowd.

Students in Jefferson's T-Ten Program will receive a two-year Associate Degree. Students combine automotive technology instruction with general education courses to earn an AA degree. This provides the highest long-term earning potential among T-TEN programs.

All T-TEN students participate in an internship during their time in the program. Securing an internship is similar to finding a job. Your T-TEN instructor will guide you through the process. Each dealership has its own hiring procedures but most will require:

  • A resume outlining your work and educational background
  • A completed application
  • A copy of your driving record from your state's department of motor vehicles

Most dealerships also require applicants to pass a drug test.

Certifications are earned by T-TEN graduates for completing Toyota-designed courses and for passing National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification tests. These certificates are widely recognized within the industry and allow technicians to earn more money and gain increased responsibilities. Certifications vary depending on the program selected.

Once you graduate from the T-TEN program, you will be eligible to pursue a career in a Toyota, Lexus or Scion dealership. Toyota supports the concept of lifelong learning and encourages career progression through educational opportunities and workplace experience. While you will begin as an entry-level technician, through hard work, experience, continued training and achievement of both ASE and Toyota certification, you can advance to higher-level positions.

Toyota Technician Certification

There are four levels of certified technicians at Toyota. Each successive level requires more education and carries additional responsibilities. Dealerships typically increase pay scales as technicians climb through the levels.

Certified technicians at Toyota