Mail-Procedures | JCTC

Mailroom Procedures


  • The mailroom operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
  • The Campus mail is not intended for personal business use, political campaign purposes, or private commercial activities.

Current Delivery Schedule

  • Mail will be delivered between 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm.
  • The mailroom serves as general mail delivery for letters and small articles.
  • Postal related outgoing mail and interdepartmental mail will be picked up during the mail run.
  • For the campus convenience, there is a mail receptacle in the Chestnut Hall.
    • Mail should be placed in the receptacle by 3:30 pm in order for it to be delivered to the post office by 4:00 pm.
  • Mail delivered and picked up to satellite campuses will be done daily according to the Courier Schedule.

Mailroom Procedures

  • Mail designated for outside the United States must be specifically marked and bundled together.
  • To insure accuracy and prompt delivery, coordinate with the mailroom on such mail pieces.
    • Mail that is not to the attention of a particular person or department will be opened.
    • The contents will be inspected to determine the correct recipient or department and then delivered in accordance with the mail delivery.
  • All departments receiving mail from the mailroom must have the following:
    • An Established designated mail pick-up/delivery area easily accessible.
    • Mailboxes must be visible and labeled Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail.
    • A designated mail pick-up/delivery area will not be accessible; the department should leave a note on the door instructing the alternate pick-up/delivery in its building.
    • The JCTC return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.
  • The mailroom receives Certified Mail, Federal Express, and Next Day Mail.
    • The mail will be delivered at the time of the mail run.
    • If the mailroom receives mail after the mail run, the person/department will be notified immediately upon its arrival.
    • At that time, the receiver will decide if it is to be delivered the next business day or if they would like to pick it up in the mailroom.

Outgoing Mail

  • The mailroom cannot process mailings that consist of sheets of papers folded in half or in thirds and
    • This type of mailing will not go through the postage meter.
    • All mailings should be placed into an appropriate-sized envelope.
  • Boxes should be well secured with packing tape.
    • There should be no stickers or numbers from previous mailings on the box if the box is being reused.
    • A complete mailing address should be placed in the middle to lower half of the front of the box.
    • A complete return address, including department name, should appear in the upper left-hand corner.
    • The upper right-hand corner should be free of tape or writing so that the proper postage may be affixed.
  • To expedite processing of outgoing mail, the following must be followed:
    • All outgoing mail must have the sending department s name in the top left corner of each mail piece for accounting purposes.
    • Mail not bearing this information may be delayed being processed.
    • Interdepartmental mail should be enclosed in a standard campus mail envelope with the addressees name and department name on the envelope.
    • Mail not bearing this information may be delayed.


  • Departments will be charged for the following mailings:
    • Certified and Insured Mail, Bulk Mail, UPS Shipments, Business Reply, Federal Express Shipments, and all letter-sized mailings and boxes at the current postal rate.
  • All daily postage is billed to the Business Affairs. Department.

Special Services:

  • Certified Mail
    • The mailroom processes outgoing Certified and Certified Return Receipt Request.
    • Certified Mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery to the address.
  • Insured Mail
    • Insured mail is offered to departments.
    • If you have something of value that you want mailed, you can send it via insured mail.
    • The rates for this service may vary with the value of the item.
    • Note: When sending by Certified Mail and Insured Mail, complete the Certified
    • Request Form. The form should accompany the material that you want to mail.
  • UPS (United Parcel Service)
    • UPS Procedures are quite detailed and specific.
    • Instructions can be found on the Business Affairs Website.
  • Business Reply
    • The college provides this service on a limited basis for convenience of the department.
    • Business Reply Mail is a service from the US Postal Service that allows you to send any number of reply pieces (envelopes, cards or self-mailers) and pay only for those that are returned to you.
    • When using Business Reply, be sure to include the department's name on the envelope.
    • If the department name is not on the envelope, the mail will be opened to determine where the mail should be delivered and what department to charge.
    • Business Reply Mail is designed to be automatable, so delivery times are comparable to First Class mail.
  • Federal Express
    • Federal Express delivers all letters and packages to Shipping/Receiving.
    • The material is then forwarded to the mailroom for delivery to the department.