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UPS Instructions

UPS Special Handling Procedures

  • You can now ship letters and packages by UPS.
    • The options available are Ground Service, Next Day Air Letter and Packages, and Second Day Air Letter and Packages.
  • During normal business hours, Next Day Air Letters or Small Packages and Second Day Air Letter and Small Packages should be placed in the outgoing mail to be picked up during the mail run.
    • For extremely heavy or large packages, contact Shipping/Receiving (ext. 2174) by 1:00pm to arrange for pick up the same day.
    • Package(s) picked up will be shipped the next business day.
    • A UPS Shipping request form must be attached to every letter or package being shipped.
    • A shipping receipt including details of charges will be returned to the department.
  • If you need to ship after hours, a UPS Letter Center (drop box) is located at 200 W. Broadway (in front of the Jefferson Educational Center, across from the American Flag Pole).
    • The drop box is only available for Air Shipments.
    • During the week, 7:00pm is the latest drop-off time/operation hour that a letter or package can go in the Letter Center
    • No Saturday pick-up.
    • You also have the option of visiting UPS Web Site at to determine additional Letter Centers nearby that offer later pick-up times.
    • For your convenience, the drop box is supplied with shipping labels and envelopes.
  • Note: The College UPS Account Number (#1) is 17W2A6.
    • The method of payment (#7) on the shipping label is Credit Card only.
  • After your letter or package has been shipped, you can visit UPS Web Site at to track your package.

If you are currently shipping direct through Federal Express, UPS or United States Postal Service, please contact the Business Affairs office so we can determine the most cost effective and efficient method of shipment