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Recycling Best Practices

Jefferson Community and Technical College offers great locations for planning projects, collaboration, and enjoying events. However, in the process, a tremendous amount of waste is generated, much of it recyclable. The single most effective tool in reducing waste at special events is PLANNING AHEAD. Here are some helpful hints for planning ahead, so waste can be minimized and recycling can be maximized.

Jefferson Community & Technical College is committed to the stewardship of the environment and to reducing the College’s dependence on nonrenewable energy. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our employees and guests as we create a more sustainable campus and community.
Meetings & Special Events Best Practices


  • Use electronic presentations instead of printed handouts, and then post them on a website or network afterwards, so attendees can download electronic versions.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Keep a set of washable plates and cups on site.
  • Buy refreshments with the least amount of packaging, including large bottles of juice & soda, cookies, snacks, cream & sugar, etc.


  • Use reusable or reused materials for name tags. Collect them after event for reuse.
  • Request that people bring their own cups, utensils, and plates for refreshments, when possible.
  • Purchase products made of recycled materials
  • Request that vendors use reusable containers instead of disposable items.  Include the mandatory use of reusable items in the catering or food services agreement.


  • Make sure to always place recycling bins next to garbage bins.
  • Educate staff and volunteers about the importance of recycling and proper recycling procedures.
  • Make sure each volunteer knows which materials will be recycled. These individuals will be able to direct event attendees to recycling areas
  • Include Jefferson recycling information in the event program and all other event information


  • Meet Jefferson and community expectations.
  • Instill positive change in vendors and attendees.
  • Divert recyclables from the landfill.
  • Increase environmental awareness.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Reduce landfill hauling costs.


  • Minimizing waste improves the efficiency of a meeting or event.
  • The more waste generated, the more time, money and resources must be devoted to collection, transportation, and removal of these materials.
  • Reducing waste from the start increases the amount of time that staff can dedicate toward other important projects.

Jefferson Community Technical College requests that no Styrofoam products are used at meetings and events. Please consider alternatives, such as paper, cardboard, or similar biodegradable items