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Maintenance and Operations staff

Staff members of the Maintenance, Operations, Receiving and Shipping Departments.

Employee Campus Phone
Carter, Dwight Downtown Campus 502.213.2538
Duff, Kevin Southwest Campus 502.213.7223
Fallis, Vic Shelby County Campus 502.213.3657
Gabbard, Gary Downtown Campus 502.213.2538
Hefley, John Shelby County Campus 502.213.3650
Herning, Ben Downtown Campus 502.213.5001
Jones, Justin Downtown Campus 502.213.2538
Madero III, Joseph Downtown Campus 502.213.5001
Morrison, Glen Southwest Campus 502.213.7223
Payton, BJ Southwest Campus 502.213.7311
Ritchie, Barry Southwest Campus 502.213.7213
Sheroan, Kevin Southwest Campus 502.213.7265
Smith, Phil Downtown Campus 502.213.2538
Taylor, Troy Downtown Campus 502.213.2360
Tewell, D. Downtown Campus 502.213.2173