Furniture Procedures | JCTC

Furniture Procedures

In order to develop an orderly and transparent furniture procedure that ensures quality, consistency, a strong warranty, contract compliance and sustainability for Jefferson Community and Technical College, the following procedures are essential:

Departments can purchase their own furniture with their departmental funds but all furniture purchases must be facilitated through Purchasing to insure contract compliance, and a uniform standard and quality. Purchasing must be contacted prior to initiating any conversation with a vendor. It is the College’s intention to standardize around limited brand and limited styles of furniture.

Purchasing has a furniture library set up in the Business Affairs Office for your use and perusal.

If a department decides it no longer needs a piece of furniture (including historical), it should be moved to storage. Furniture placed in storage, can be used elsewhere on campus and no longer belongs to that department.

A department can request used furniture from storage by contacting M&O. You will be contacted to view and approve the surplus items.

If available, a work order will need to be completed to have it moved to the department’s location. If an individual desires to move or a department wants an individual to move from one office to another and/or requires additional furniture, then the department is responsible for the additional furniture expenses.

Submit a Work Order online to request furniture moves. The Maintenance Office will coordinate the move.

Please contact Pamela Turner at (502) 213-2109 with any questions or concerns