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Printing and Duplicating Recommendations


Jefferson Community and Technical College strives to provide quality and cost effective print, copy, and scan services to meet the needs of students, faculty.


This procedure applies to all students, faculty, and staff

MFD (Multifunction Devices)

As part of Jefferson’s continuing cost effectiveness and Sustainability objectives a managed print environment has been implemented.

These networked multifunctional devices are to be utilized for printing, copying, and scanning.

The MFD’s provide the College with several benefits:

  • Greater user flexibility – a user can send a print job to any desired device on campus.
  • Better managed services – a network managed environment assures the right devices in the right location to meet user needs and can provide detailed usage reports.
  • Provides more widespread access to print/copy/scan devices and services.
  • Sustainability – the MFD’s are energy efficient devices that reduce the College’s carbon footprint.
  • Reduces climate impact by minimizing the number of printing devices at the College
  • Reduces the expense of consumables by using the most cost effective print/copy/scan devices
  • Reduces the maintenance and upkeep expense of all print/copy/scan devices.
  • Economical – the MFD’s are far more cost effective than desktop printers. Both supplies and maintenance services are included as part of the program. Maximizing use of these devices allows leveraging this arrangement to reduce overall college printing costs.
  • Privacy – the MFD’s print confidential jobs only when the user releases them, so confidential documents are not forgotten and left sitting on open printers.


The leasing agreement of the MFD’s includes all supplies in the cost of a print/copy (excluding paper) in the managed print environment, as well as equipment servicing.

Defaults and other Sustainable Print Practices

Double-sided printing

  • The default setting for all network printing devices will be double-sided.
  • Alternatives to printing: Faculty members are encouraged to consider substituting digital formats (Moodle, etc.) for standard paper course packets as feasible.
  • Faculty is encouraged to consider electronic vs. paper submission for class assignments as feasible.

Printing Multiple Copies

  • Avoid printing multiple copies of the same document on a desktop printer.
  • A desktop printer is not a copier and costs far more per page to use in this manner.

Used Cartridges

  • Return all used toner cartridges to Printing Services to be recycled as part of the College Sustainability initiative.
  • If bulk printing is required, the Document Source is to be utilized.
  • Personal (desktop) printers and supplies are discouraged and restricted.

Confidential Printing

All employees occasionally have the need to print a confidential document. Confidential printing needs are not a justification for a personal printer.

The MFD printers are all enabled with secure printing.

Print jobs will not print until released by the user at the copier.