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Styrofoam Recommendations

In an effort to reach our goal of zero waste at Jefferson, we are implementing a No Styrofoam Recommendation on all campuses, which states: Jefferson Community & Technical College requests that no Styrofoam products are used at meetings and events. Please consider alternatives, such as paper, cardboard, or similar biodegradable items.

In other words, all incoming food vendors are required to avoid Styrofoam and incorporate Jefferson's No Styrofoam Recommendation into their practice; current food vendors will be required to do the same at time of contract renewal. You can find Jefferson’s No Styrofoam Recommendation at the bottom of the Event Request form.

Styrofoam is made with petroleum, a non-sustainable and heavily polluting resource. In addition, the polystyrene releases harmful chemicals that threaten personal health.

Partnership with the Louisville Water Company

Thanks to the Louisville Water Company, faculty and staff will begin seeing water coolers, pitchers and recyclable cups as an alternative to using plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups in meeting rooms and events. These items are meant to encourage healthy living for Jefferson employees, while implementing the standard for current and future employees to not use Styrofoam at the college.

Jefferson’s partnership with the Louisville Water Company promotes an economic opportunity for the College to discontinue the need to purchase additional Styrofoam cups or bottled beverages for meetings, while supporting a local Louisville partner. This initiative is meant to educate and inform employees of the necessity to cut out Styrofoam at the college, while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Introducing a desirable alternative will hopefully transform the landscape of sustainably acceptable beverage options.

The 100% bio-compostable cups are made of corn. The cups will break down 100% with no left over residue, a complete form of biodegradation. If you do not decide to recycle after use, Not only are they recyclable, but they are safe for your garden's compost pile too! The5-gallon cooler is perfect for campus events, sporting groups and outdoor activities. Each cooler holds 80 servings of Louisville pure tap®.

For more information about the Louisville Water Co., visit their website at