Xerox Document Source is managed by Craig Wempe.

Document Source Correspondence:

  • Documents may be sent electronically to the Document Source for faster service.
  • Documents sent through the courier to the Document Source (Print Shop) should be in special envelopes to assure timeliness of deliveries.
  • Yellow, labeled envelopes will be available at the Southwest campus division secretary s office and the Technical campus mailroom to use for any Document Source jobs.
    • The envelopes will be available on the Downtown campus in the mailroom on the 1st floor of the Chestnut Hall.
    • This will assure timely delivery to the Document Center.
  • The Document Source will run the jobs as quickly as possible.
    • Turnaround time will depend on the type of job, quantity, and the instruction for the job.
    • Some jobs will take longer than others due to these factors.
    • Others may have same day turn around
    • Example: 100 copies of a one-page document could have a 24 hour turnaround through the courier.
    • If you have any questions about the turnaround time on a specific job feel free to call the Document Center at 502.213.2600.
  • Jobs for the Document Center should be in the campus mailroom using the yellow labeled envelopes by the above-published schedule to improve turn-around time.
    • Downtown jobs can be delivered directly to the Document Source Center on campus.