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Adding a new online course/program

The following checklist is intended for faculty and staff involved with the planning, developing, and implementation process of offering a new online course at Jefferson


  • Planning
    • When the decision to offer a new* course/program online has been made please notify Aaron Nusz.
    • * a course/program that has not been offered online at Jefferson previously
  • Peoplesoft
    • Class entered into PeopleSoft with "Z" in third position of section number (or "H" if it is a Hybrid)
    • Instructor name is assigned to class
    • Instruction mode set to "BW" (Online) / "HB" (Hybrid)
    • eLearning fees are set accordingly in the eLearning fee panel (see eLaunch Kit appendix)


  • Quality Assurance
    • eQuality form has been completed - See Course Review Process
    • eQuality form and syllabus on file with the Office of eLearning prior to start of semester
    • The eQuality form is only required for the primary course section.
    • It is not required for courses/instructors that are utilizing the same content as the primary course.
    • Additionally, an updated form is only required if substantial changes are made to the original course.
  • Syllabus
    • Copy of class syllabus filed at Division
    • Syllabus contains predetermined Student Learning Outcomes
    • Student Learning Outcomes have been identified for specific courses within each department/program.
    • These outcomes will be assessed in the fall semester using a specified instrument, and results will be submitted to the instructor's Department Head/Program Coordinator.
    • This data is then compiled by Department Head/Program Coordinator.
  • Other
    • Textbook request form submitted to KCTCS online bookstore
    • Class information submitted to Coordinator on KYVC
    • Class made "available" in Blackboard no later than the posted start date
    • Class contains Evaluation of Instruction


  • Credentials
    • Original transcripts on file in CAO's office or Provost's office
    • Transcript copy emailed to Executive Director for eLearning Initiatives
  • Training
    • Instructor has received mandatory Blackboard Certification
    • Verification is on file with Division and Office of eLearning