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Blackboard (Bb) is the online course management system used at KCTCS. Some professors use Blackboard to simply store course materials, while others create fully-online course environments. Anyone with a KCTCS username has access to Blackboard and can utilize it in a variety of ways.

You can access the KCTCS Blackboard portal at http://elearning.kctcs.edu.

Courses can be created in PeopleSoft to use Bb in a variety of ways.

Instruction Modes:

  • Web Enhanced (BP)
    • This option allows instructors teaching in-person classes the opportunity to post class information in a secure online environment.
    • Web Hybrid (HB)
      • This mode uses Bb to deliver a portion of a course that meets in-person.
      • Typically, a course will meet half in-person with instruction (50%) and half online (50%).
  • Web Online (BW)
    • Courses listed as web online are completely online (content, assignments, exams, discussions, projects, etc.) and students can register regardless of where they live.
    • More than likely, you and your students will never meet face to face.
    • May contain up to, but no more than, two proctored exams.

PLEASE NOTE: A course designated as In Person (P) , will not have a Blackboard shell created.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Remember to keep your KCTCS password up to date.
  • Failing to reset your password will result in being locked out of Blackboard, email, and PeopleSoft.
  • Any changes to a course in PeopleSoft are typically updated in Blackboard overnight.
  • This includes adding instructors, student enrollments, and instruction mode changes.


Instructors choosing to require proctored exams are encouraged to review the KCTCS guidelines and procedures established for administering tests through a proctor. All testing information should be submitted to the KCTCS Distance Learning Proctor Resource Center, located on the Point. This site provides a secure and centralized database for faculty and proctors to identify the specific information (passwords, documents, special instructions, etc.) needed for an effective proctoring experience.

  1. The first step is to make sure you are added to the Proctor Resource Center site. To request access, please contact the Office of eLearning.
  2. Next, go to the KCTCS Intranet
  3. IE is recommended since SharePoint is a Microsoft product.
  4. Add the Proctor Resource Center site to your My Team Sites area, similar to favorites or bookmarks on a browser.

Now you are ready to access the Proctor Resource Center. Please review the information provided on this site, particularly the section Instructor s Resources .


What is KYVC?

KYVC serves as a clearinghouse for a growing list of online learning opportunities. Students can go to www.kyvc.org and find a catalog of online courses and programs offered by institutions across the Commonwealth.

Additionally, students can find specific course information, such as:

  • Required Textbooks
  • Testing Requirements
  • Instructor Contacts
  • Special Software/Hardware Requirements
  • Course Prerequisites

What do I need to do?

JCTC online instructors work with your department's KYVC Coordinator to provide this information at KYVC. All instructors are provided a KYVC account, which allows you to access the course shell (automatically created following creation in PeopleSoft) and update the necessary information. Once you have completed this step, your KYVC Coordinator will receive notification by email, review the information one last time, and then request to open the course for display on the KYVC catalog.

This is an important tool for marketing Jefferson's eLearning program, as well as providing an additional means to supply students with specific course information.

How to update your section on KYVC

  • Go to www.kyvc.org, and log in.
  • Select Access VCN
  • Go to Admin Console and select Sections
  • You can search by Keyword, or by Provider (Jefferson Community and Technical College)
  • Find your section, select Edit, and add all necessary information.
  • At the bottom of the page, Instructors will change Section Status to Submit to Coordinator and click SAVE.
  • Coordinators will select Request to Open once they have verified all information.

If you have any questions or problems entering your course into the KYVC Catalog, contact the KYVC Help Desk at (877) 740-4357.