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Training and Support

KOLTS KCTCS Online Learning & Teaching Support

  • KOLTS is a new System-wide initiative to support online instructors.
  • Visit the KOLTS site to find many resources, training opportunities, conference links, etc.
  • This is a GREAT resource for online faculty!


Jefferson is committed to employing and training the highest quality instructors to teach online. To help meet this goal, Blackboard Certification is required of all new online faculty in order to determine their ability to navigate and manage the technical needs of an online course. This certification is provided in person and online.

Email to request access to the training course.


  • The Blackboard Boot Camp offers basic to advanced levels of instruction for faculty and staff.
  • In addition, professional development opportunities are provided on various topics throughout the year.
  • Upon completion of this training, faculty will be certified to teach online using the Blackboard CMS.


An online version of the competency-based certification is available for those not able to attend on campus.


Once you have been certified, we realize the need for ongoing support. Below are some of the services provided for continuing your Blackboard education.


  • eMentors provide support to faculty who require foundational learning in the use of the Blackboard course management system.
  • eMentors are assigned to work with specific divisions and/or campuses.
  • Contact the eLearning Council for more information, and to be assigned an eMentor.
  • To locate your eMentor, contact

KCTCS Blackboard Training

  • Training is offered online by Paige Brooks-Jeffiers throughout the semester.
  • Additionally, all sessions are archived for review at any time.
  • To find the most recent training schedule, as well as video archives, login to Bb and scroll down to the KCTCS Blackboard Training module.


  • This site provides videos and documents on a wide range of Bb course topics.
  • Topics are arranged under the following categories:
    • Understanding & Building Your Course
    • Communicating & Collaborating
    • Assessing Learners

Access this helpful information today at


The Jefferson Blackboard Training organization is an online resource for all Jefferson faculty who are using Blackboard as a delivery option for their classes.

It is a MUST for all faculty needing quick access to a wide range of Bb topics.