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Jefferson Community and Technical College Staff Council By-Laws as of October 5, 2015


The official name for the staff council is Jefferson Community and Technical College Staff Council.


The mission of the Jefferson Community and Technical College Staff Council is to provide a forum for the membership to communicate issues affecting the staff to the President, Provost, Deans, and President s Staff.


The purposes of the Staff Council are to:

  • foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among all staff, faculty and administrators at the college;
  • accept and share responsibility with faculty, students and administrators in all efforts to attain the mission and goals of Jefferson;
  • facilitate and promote communication among staff, faculty and administrators at the college;
  • promote and enhance a healthy environment for Jefferson staff.

The resolution of individual personnel concerns is not the responsibility of the Staff Council. Personnel issues must be directed to the Human Resources Department.


For the purpose of the Jefferson Staff Council, staff is defined as all full-time/part-time employees of Jefferson/Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) whose primary employment is in a non-teaching function or role, do not hold academic appointments, do not have faculty status, and are not members of the President s Staff.


The Staff Council for Jefferson shall consist of representatives from each of the six (6) campuses that function as the college. Representatives for future campuses will be allotted after staff is hired.

  1. Each campus shall have a minimum of one representative. Additional representatives will be elected for every ten (10) staff members with a maximum of three (3).
  2. Each campus shall nominate and hold elections for their representative(s) to the Staff Council. Any full/part time staff, as well as full time temporary person is eligible for nomination and election.
  3. If a campus has three (3) positions open on the Staff Council, no more than two (2) representatives can come from the same area or department unless no other persons were on the ballot or accepted a nomination. Area/Departments are defined as Academic Support, Administrative Support, Business Affairs, and Student Affairs.
  4. Elections will be for a term of two (2) years. Representatives are eligible for re-election for one (1) additional two (2) year term. Each will be eligible for additional terms after a one (1) term absence. The one (1) term absence may be waived if no other persons are nominated or willing to run for the open position. In the event of multiple vacancies, the Staff Council members shall be elected for a term of one (1) and two (2) years by a majority of votes.
  5. If a member withdraws or is removed from the Council for any reason, that campus shall hold a special election to fill the position within 20 working days of being notified by the Council. The Staff Council will determine the term of the elected replacement based on time of replacement.
  6. Each representative will be responsible for communicating to the employees on his/her campus the actions of the Staff Council, distributing the minutes and attachments from the meetings of the Staff Council and for bringing to the attention of the Council concerns of the employees. These items will also be available via the Staff Council Website and newsletter.
  7. The appointed staff representative to the Board of Directors will hold an ex-officio seat on Staff Council, not representing any particular campus. This person will hold their seat on Staff Council for three (3) years, which is equivalent to the duration of their term as staff representative to the Board of Directors. As an ex-officio member, this person does not have voting rights on Staff Council, but they will act as a liaison between Staff Council and the Board of Directors.


  1. Elections will be administered by the Staff Council Executive Committee or its designee.
  2. Staff Council Representative Elections will be held no later than November 30 each year.


The Staff Council will elect from among its members the following offices: Chair or Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be known as the Executive Committee.

  1. Elections will be held at the first meeting of the Staff Council after the elections.
  2. The representatives of the Staff Council shall elect the positions of Chair or Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer from its elected body. It is preferred that the positions of Chair or Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair be from different campuses.
  3. The Chair or Co-Chairs will preside at meetings of the Staff Council. The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair or Co-Chairs and preside at such times as the Chair or Co-Chairs are unable to do so.
  4. The Secretary will record and prepare an official copy of minutes of all meetings. Upon approval of the minutes from the Staff Council and the President of the college, the Secretary will submit the minutes to the Jefferson helpdesk to be added to the Staff Council website.
  5. The Treasurer will manage the financial affairs of the Staff Council. The Treasurer will also prepare official financial statements for review by the Council at each meeting. The financial statements must be reviewed and signed by a quorum of the Council.
  6. Each officer s term will be for one year. Officers are eligible for re-election, not to exceed two (2) consecutive years unless no other Council members are willing to serve.


The Staff Council will meet a minimum of semi-annually (2 times per year) during the fiscal year or as warranted by urgency of issues.

  1. A simple majority of the Staff Council representatives will be considered a quorum for conducting business. A majority vote of members present will carry a motion. The Chair or Co-Chairs vote only in the case of a tie vote.
  2. A motion to amend these by-laws will require approval by two-thirds of the voting Staff Council. Motions to amend must be made available to the membership 20 working days prior to the vote.
  3. The Secretary will submit a copy of approved minutes to the helpdesk to be posted on the Staff Council webpage.
  4. The Staff Council will act upon business presented by the representatives and will make recommendations as necessary to the President.
  5. Members will submit agenda items to the executive committee 20 working days prior to the scheduled Staff Council meeting. Emergency items may be added to the agenda at the discretion of the executive committee.
  6. The Staff Council will review these by-laws annually for any necessary amendments or changes.
  7. A copy of the approved Staff Council By-Laws will be sent to every campus library, the offices of the President, Provost, all Deans/Directors, and Staff Council Executive Committee and will be posted on the Staff Council Home Page on the Jefferson Community & Technical College website. 
  8. Based upon recommendations/actions, the Staff Council will form committees as necessary.


Regular attendance is very important in maintaining the flow of communication between the Staff Council and the units represented. Therefore, regular attendance at all meetings by the elected representative is strongly encouraged. One of the officers must be notified prior to the next Staff Council meeting if a representative is unable to attend. If a representative is unable to attend two (2) consecutive, regularly scheduled meetings, the Executive Committee shall consider cause (as part of considering cause, the Staff Council will notify the employee s supervisor) and may request the campus to elect a new representative.


  • 9/15/14
  • 10/5/15