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When will I get my new student email account? Students will get email access 24-48 hours (2 business days; weekends and holidays are excluded) after enrolling in a regular college credit class. You will have access to PeopleSoft during this time.

Please use the steps below to activate or reset your student email account:

You will need to have your Birth day and month along with two of the four following items: Social Security Number, Student ID number (KCTCS ID), Admissions Application Reference number or personal e-mail address (that you entered at the time you applied for Admission to JCTC). If you do not know your student ID number you can retrieve it at the KCTCS User Account Center

The password must 12 characters of any kind with the exception of known words (ie password) or your name.

Once you have your new password please go to the Password Portal Site and setup your security questions. That site can be used to reset your password in the future.

Once the password is set you can return to the KCTCS web mail site to check your email or to log into Student Self-Service.

How long will my student email account remain active?A student email account is for 1 year past their last active semester. Once the account is deleted the information cannot be recovered.