JCTC partners on myActions program to raise money for community causes | JCTC

JCTC partners on myActions program to raise money for community causes

Each time you turn off lights you aren't using, recycle something or print on both sides of the paper, you are taking actions that help the environment. Now thanks to a generous donor and the Jefferson Community & Technical College s sustainability partnership with the City of Louisville, those small actions can make a big difference for the Louisville Zoo and will help plant more trees in the city.

The college, along with our Partnership for a Green City colleagues, the University of Louisville, Jefferson County Public Schools, and the City of Louisville, have been challenged to take 1 million actions between now and April 20.

Visit http://myactions.org/JeffersonCommunityandTechnicalCollege and register under Jefferson Community and Technical College. Then decide what should benefit from your actions. For the Louisville Zoo there are four programs, polar bears, black footed ferrets, orangutans, and elephants. For the community, there is a program to plant trees. A Louisville philanthropist who supports sustainability efforts throughout the city has agreed to donate up to a $1 a day for the actions recorded by each participant.

Participants also are encouraged to use the site and the campaign to learn more about other actions you could take to reduce energy use, alternative modes of transportation, use less water, and more.

MyActions.org also will allow you to share your ideas and photos and to learn from or challenge others. JCTC's team captain is Pamela Turner.

As a reward for those taking the most actions, the top eight individuals will be invited to attend a celebratory luncheon at the Louisville Zoo. The winners will be given a behind the scene tour of either the black footed ferret, elephant, polar bear or orangutan exhibits.

How To Sign Up On myActions

  1. Follow the link http://myactions.org/JeffersonCommunityandTechnicalCollege
  2. Choose your favorite conservation cause.
  3. Enter in your information to register and verify your email address.
  4. Share your first green action! You'll earn donations for your cause and see the impact you are having.
  5. Share 3 more actions today to earn $1 donation for your cause!