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ESL Overview

English as a Second Language Program Overview

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is designed for students who want to develop their English skills. ESL courses prepare students for college courses and for academic and technical programs at Jefferson. ESL courses also prepare students to transfer to other schools. Instructors use a communicative method that helps students improve their ability to express themselves at school, at work, and in the community.

Classes are available in reading, writing, vocabulary/conversation and grammar. We also offer ESL sections of English 101 and 102.

Students can begin studies in the fall or spring semester. Classes are offered in the morning and evening. Special topics classes are sometimes available, such as public speaking.

  • First Level
    • ESL 31 Beginning Conversation
    • ESL 41 Beginning Vocabulary
  • Beginning Level
    • ESL51 Introduction to College Reading
    • ESL71 Foundations of College Writing I
    • ESL81 College Grammar I
  • Low-Intermediate Level
    • ESL52 Improved College Reading
    • ESL72 Foundations of College Writing II
    • ESL82 College Grammar II
  • High-Intermediate Level
    • ESL53 Reading ESL63 College Writing III
    • College Level ESL Courses
    • ENG 101 College English I and Grammar Lab (ENC99)
    • ENG 102 College English II


  1. Complete the Jefferson Application for Admission.
  2. Submit transcripts.
    • ALL high school diplomas and college transcripts (and international transcript evaluations) MUST be submitted before you can register.
    • If you completed high school outside the U.S. then a copy of your document is needed (this does not need to be translated).
    • Students completing high school inside the U.S. must submit official transcripts.
    • If you have attended university or college, an official transcript (and evaluation, if outside the US) is required.
    • If you need an evaluation, please go to for a list of evaluation companies.
  3. Apply for financial aid.
    • Permanent residents, refugees, parolees, asylees, and Cuban-Haitian entrants (who have applied for residency after the one year requirement) are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.
    • Apply online at FAFSA.
    • Resources:
      • Jefferson Financial Aid Office, Jefferson Education Center, Room 400
      • (855) 246-5282
  4. Complete the ESL COMPASS test.
    • All new students take this test before registering for classes. The test will include writing, reading, grammar and listening. Please schedule a testing appointment.
  5. Attend ESL Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR).
    • Students will select an orientation day after taking the COMPASS test.
    • The Orientation presents essential college information, and you will meet with an advisor and register for classes.
  6. Pay tuition fees by deadline date.
    • Prices may change at any time.

* Questions about Kentucky residency should be directed to the International Admissions Office, Jefferson Education Center, Room 216, or call (502) 213-2496.