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African American Studies at Spalding University

Associate in Art/Science to Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies


Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for the Associate in Art or Science at the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and leads to the Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies at Spalding University. 

Admission Requirements 

  • A 2.0 GPA is recommended for admission to the BS in African American Studies:
  • 24 completed credits OR A conferred AA/AS degree
  • If less than 24 completed credits a cumulative GPA of 2.0 is recommended
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Option 1

For those who have earned AS/AA- Qualify for the Block Credit Transfer (Gen Ed Certification status). This student would receive 60 hours of credit and enter Spalding as a Junior with 2 years left in their bachelors degree. The student will focus on classes specific to the African American Studies program. Below is the class that must be taken to progress toward upper level African American Studies course completion. We recommend taking the progression class, if possible, while pursuing your associate‚Äôs degree at JCTC. If you are unable to take the progression course, we will be able to work that into your class schedule. The AA/AS degree holding student may not have to meet every course outlined in option 2. Please contact should you have any questions or want your transcript to be evaluated. 

  • Associate of Arts = Gen Ed Certified
  • Associate of Science = Gen Ed Certified
  • Progression courses:
    • Spalding Math 106 (Quantitative Reasoning) @ KCTCS Mat 141 or 146

Option 2

This pathway is intended for students who have not earned their AS/AA and wish to transfer before completing their degree at Jefferson.

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