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What is Human Services?

The Human Services program prepares individuals for entry level positions in agencies and institutions which provide social, community, educational and/or mental health services. The curriculum provides an opportunity for the student to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for entry level employment. Included in the curriculum are core Human Services courses, general education courses, and technical electives with specific human service emphases.

Application of Human Service principles and skills is provided through an internship (HMS 250) at an appropriate agency or institution which will agree to supervise interns for 180 hours of voluntary service and evaluate them at the conclusion.

Upon completion of the Human Services Program, graduates are prepared to seek employment in various areas which may include mental health settings, chemical dependency settings, hospitals, educational institutions, and others. The Program also prepares students for transfer to other institutions offering bachelor's and master's degrees in either Social Work or Human Services and Counseling.


The Human Services Program at Jefferson is two-tiered. The first two core courses, HMS 101 and HMS 102, are open to the public as are all of the Technical Elective courses (see General Education Courses link below). However, before students can enroll in HMS 103, HMS 104, or HMS 250, they must have earned twelve (12) or more credits (Developmental courses do not count.) and have a 3.00 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA) (see next paragraph).

There are two Academic Major Plans in Human Services: Human Services, and Human Services . Students are pending until they have twelve or more credits and a 3.00 GPA, at which time they can be fully admitted to the Program by the Academic Program Coordinator and changed from pending to Human Services . Students who meet both of these requirements at the time they first choose the Human Services Program may bypass pending status and can be fully admitted immediately. (Credits transferred from other institution are eligible to be counted provided that they have been evaluated and accepted by the Jefferson registrar.)

What are my career options?

Job opportunities for social and human services assistants are expected to be excellent, particularly for applicants with sufficient post-secondary education.

What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?

Technical Elective required courses in Human Services

  • Two Technical Elective courses are also required for the degree in addition to the General Education and Core courses.

Degrees and Certificates

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Human Services
  • Certificates offered: Direct Support Work

Course Guides

The Core Human Services courses required are

  • HMS 101 -- 3 credits -- Human Services Survey
  • HMS 102 -- 3 credits -- Values of Human Services in a Contemporary Society
  • HMS 103 -- 3 credits -- Theories and Techniques in Human Services
  • HMS 104 -- 3 credits -- Group Dynamics in Human Services
  • HMS 250 -- 4 credits -- Clinical Practice in Human Services (180 hour internship)
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