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Institutional Research Data Request

JCTC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning supports administrators, faculty, staff and students by assisting with the collection, organization and analysis of institutional data. To request any data-driven deliverable (e.g. a new report or modification to an existing report, a dataset for research, a research project or any other resource), please complete the following Data Request Form. This is essential in order for the IERP Office to manage its workload and to serve the various needs of the JCTC community.

Our turnaround depends on the workload of the office at the time of your request, as well as the complexity and scope of the request. In the data request form, you will have an opportunity to specify a deadline by which you need the information. We will do our best to complete your request by that date. In general, we request a lead time of at least 2 weeks. It is always advantageous to submit the data request as far in advance as possible.

Provide a detailed description of the data request (for example, include academic year, campus, semester, major, student population, etc., for the requested data). Please indicate if you plan to use this data in a report, publication, or presentation. Human Subjects Review Board approval may be required by law. Any data request used for a publication or report external to your department must contain summative student information only (no identifiable student data).

A member of the IERP team will email or call you if we have any additional questions after receiving your request. Occasionally, a follow-up meeting or interview may be necessary to fully understand the business needs related to your request.

IR Data Request Form

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