Our Mission and Values | JCTC

Our Mission and Values


Jefferson Community and Technical College transforms lives and communities through educational excellence in an inclusive environment that opens doors for all students.


Academic Excellence. We strive to excel in teaching, learning, and student support. We engage in ongoing professional development to learn, grow, and improve.

Accessibility. We minimize barriers and provide educational pathways to technical and career training, general education and transfer, workforce development, and lifelong learning. To meet the diverse needs of our students we offer certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, and non-credit programming.

Collaboration. We build alliances with adult education providers, secondary school systems, regional postsecondary institutions, community groups, and business and industry partners to create seamless educational experiences. We are responsive and adaptable to the evolving needs of our students and community.

Continuous Improvement. We gather, analyze, and assess data to make informed decisions that drive institutional improvement.

Diversity. We treasure the many identities and perspectives in our community. We provide an inclusive, accessible, and safe learning and working environment that fosters participation and belonging.

Equity. We emphasize policy and practice that promotes opportunity and diminishes disparity within the college community.

Integrity. We act ethically and maintain an environment that encourages honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Respect. We recognize the contributions and expertise of all members of the college community. We understand that education relies on human connections, and we value the dignity and wellbeing of all people.

Stewardship. We exercise responsible management of the college's fiscal and physical resources.

Anti-Racism Statement

We, the members of Jefferson's college community, stand firm against racism in all its forms.  We understand that racism does not operate in isolation and that addressing interlocking oppressions is necessary to end racial and ethnic bias.

Institutional change requires courage, respect, and compassion. We acknowledge that regardless of one’s own race or ethnicity, individuals are at various points along an anti-racist journey.  This work may not always be, or seek to be, comfortable.  Yet, we will intentionally identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity, and the impact(s) they have on our community.

As an institution, we commit to dismantling the historically racist, classist, and sexist roots of higher education, and instead to center and amplify voices that have been marginalized or silenced.

That Commitment is Embodied by:

  • Respecting the inherent value, vitality, and dignity of diverse cultures, experiences, and identities.
  • Identifying and analyzing the impact of implicit bias and microaggressions which occur at both individual and institutional levels, and result in systemic advantages or oppressions in the life and culture of Jefferson.
  • Engaging with intersectional, anti-racist frameworks that foster inclusion and a sense of belonging for students and colleagues.
  • Assessing current policies, programs, and practices with respect to Inclusive Excellence and then redesigning them to further dismantle inequities at Jefferson.



Jefferson Community and Technical College is a member of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System offering career/technical, transfer, and transitional educational opportunities with campuses and locations in Jefferson, Shelby, Carroll, Bullitt, Gallatin, Henry, Oldham, Owen, Spencer, and Trimble Counties.