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Strategic Plan

Jefferson Community and Technical College

Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016

In order for the Strategic Plan Initiatives to be accomplished, the following elements must be present:

  • Innovation – Different Thinking/Best Practices
  • Collaboration – Both Internal and External Groups
  • Outcomes – Established Measures for Accountability
  • Scalability – Big Enough to Make a Difference
  • Stewardship – Wise and Cost Effective Use of Resources

KCTCS Goals and JCTC Strategic Initiatives

KCTCS Strategic Goal 1: Advance excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and service.

  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 1.1
    • Expand and refine the college-wide, comprehensive approach to assess student learning outcomes.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 1.2
    • Emphasize professional development activities related to institutional goals, values, and strategic initiatives.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 1.3
    • Establish community-based and institutional programs in support of excellence in teaching, learning, and service.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 1.4
    • Develop innovative programs and alternative delivery modes in response to student needs.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 1.5
    • Develop innovative programs and alternative delivery modes in response to business and industry needs.

KCTCS Strategic Goal 2: Increase student access, transfer, and success.

  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.1
    • Develop and implement a full scale program to improve college readiness at the high school and/or college level.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.2
    • Improve developmental student success and retention.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.3
    • Develop strategies to improve student retention and credential completion.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.4
    • Improve pathways for students transferring to four year institutions.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.5
    • Improve the physical environment of the College.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.6
    • Improve the technological infrastructure of the College.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.7
    • Develop and expand revenue development initiatives focusing on external funding for College projects.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 2.8
    • Develop student focused financial support programs to reduce the financial burden on students and promote student financial literacy.

KCTCS Strategic Goal 3: Cultivate diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion.

  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 3.1
    • Integrate a comprehensive diversity and global awareness initiative into all academic and operational areas of the College.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 3.2
    • Provide professional development activities for faculty, staff, and students which promote diversity, inclusion and global awareness in all aspects of access and success.

KCTCS Strategic Goal 4: Enhance the economic and workforce development of the Commonwealth.

  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 4.1
    • Expand strategic workforce solutions programs that proactively respond to business and industry.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 4.2
    • Align academic programs with high growth, high wage jobs in support of the economic growth of the Commonwealth.

KCTCS Strategic Goal 5: Promote the recognition and value of KCTCS.

  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 5.1
    • Promote the value of JCTC through continued dialogue with legislative groups and participation in the KCTCS Advocacy Campaign seeking to establish brand identity.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 5.2
    • Promote the value of JCTC through the achievements of its faculty, staff, and students.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 5.3
    • Improve stakeholder awareness of the College’s cost effectiveness measures.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 5.4
    • Expand and enhance data reports to include comprehensive information on transfer, college readiness, and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in support of legislative and KCTCS initiatives.
  • JCTC Strategic Initiative 5.5
    • Collaborate with external stakeholder groups (Mayor’s Education Roundtable, Business Leaders for Education, KentuckianaWorks, etc.) in support of innovative efforts to improve educational attainment.

Approved: JCTC Board of Directors – May 11, 2010