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Dual Credit Application Process

How to Apply

Applying to Jefferson Community and Technical College's dual credit program is easy, and we’re here to help. Just follow these steps:

New students complete your online admission application. Returning students out a semester or more must update their information by submitting a new application.  The online application is free, and only takes about 15 minutes.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the KCTCS online application.

Dual Credit Online Application


On the application, select “Jefferson Community and Technical College” as the college. 

Select the Campus from the dropdown that partners with your high school or area for home school:

Carrollton Campus: Carroll County, Henry County, Trimble County, Oldham County, Owen County, Gallatin County.

Shelby Campus:  Shelby County Public Schools, Eminence, Spencer County.

Bullitt Campus: Bullitt County.

Downtown/Southwest Campus: Any JCPS school or Louisville address for home school/private school.

Enter your first name, last name, SSN, Date of Birth, Address and zip code. This should match the name that appears on your high school transcript.

Create a password and hint question.  The password you create at this time is only for accessing your application to the college should you need to update it later.

Select Create Account.  Note: If you did not enter an SSN, you will receive an error message. Click okay, scroll down and select Create Account again.  Your application should proceed to the next step.  

Enter your phone information and emergency contact information. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

You are now ready to complete your application.

Your personal information has carried forward.  If you do not need to add or change anything, click next step at the bottom of the page.

This section is for any information you may want to add.  We recommend you enter a phone number and emergency contact information and then click Next Step at the bottom of the page.

Answer Citizenship question. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

Answer ethnicity question. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

Select the start term your Dual Credit class will begin. If you are taking a yearlong class you would choose the Fall semester. If you are in a high school class for the Fall semester and will start your dual credit class the second semester, you would choose Spring. Please make sure you have selected the correct term and year to start classes.  

Select yes for still in high school or home school and enter expected graduation date from high school. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

Enter KY for state and WAIT for the block to populate with Kentucky. Type in the first few letters of the name of your high school that will issue your diploma and WAIT for the system to suggest your school. Please use the high school that will issue your HS diploma.  For example, if you are part of the Ilead program but your Home School is Carroll County, you would enter “Carr” and wait for Carroll County High School to populate. Select the school and click “Add this school”. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

Answer the residency questions being careful to read the entire statement. Click “Next Step” when complete. 

Review your information and make any corrections. If everything is correct click “Confirm and Submit”. 

After the application processes, a confirmation page will generate. You should receive a KCTCS ID number and/or a reference number. 

KEEP THIS INFORMATION. Print the page, take a picture and write your KCTCS ID Number and Application Reference Number: 

Submit your Dual Credit Enrollment Agreement. This agreement should be completed by both the student and parent/guardian. Some students have told us it is easier to complete using a smart phone or Tablet. Please make sure the parent signature is legible. There is an eraser function in the signature block if they need to erase the signature and start over.

Enrollment is subject to:

  • High school/home school administration approval. Please contact your high school administrator responsible for dual credit and let them know you are interested in taking a dual credit class/classes.
  • Your high school/home school administrator that is responsible for dual credit must send JCTC an unofficial HS transcript. JCTC will use the HS transcript to determine eligibility for dual credit and placement benchmarks into specific courses.

Students can activate their account by visiting Student Account Center.  Hover over the words “Quick Links” at the top center of the page and click on “Current Students”. Scroll down and click on the “User Account Center” tile.  

  1. Select “Setup User Profile.” Enter your Birth Month; Birth Day, and KCTCS ID. Your KCTCS ID number is a 9-digit number starting with 002. This number was generated when you completed your KCTCS Online Application. It can also be found at the top left of your JCTC schedule.  
  2. You will need a security code to verify your identity. You can either ask to be sent to your working email or by text. Please follow the rest of instructions.  
  3. Create your own password. Remember to write it down along with your username.  
  4. Go to My Path and log in using the username and password you just created. You will need to add @kctcs.edu to your username when logging in.  

Note: the assigned User Name and customized Password will be your login for your Student Self-Service, KCTCS email account, Blackboard, and access to Campus computers. 

Be sure to read through the Dual Credit Orientation general information and student resources.  Once you have reviewed the material, complete the Orientation Form using the link at the bottom of the Orientation page.  Completing the orientation form is required to participate in the dual credit program.


If you have any issues or need further assistance, you should contact: 

Downtown/Southwest Campus:

(502) 213-2433 or email jf-dualcredit-office@kctcs.edu

Carrollton Campus:

Heather Yocum, (502) 213-5216 or email heather.yocum@kctcs.edu

Sara Clifton, (502) 213-5211 or email sara.clifton@kctcs.edu

Bullitt Campus:

Kim Boggs, (502) 213-7911 or email kim.boggs@kctcs.edu

Shelby Campus:

Michael Shell, (502) 213-2184 or email michael.shell@kctcs.edu

Sandra Clemens, (502) 213-3649 or email sandra.clemens@kctcs.edu