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Women’s and Gender Studies

The Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate examines current as well as historic issues that shape our lives.

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What is Women's and Gender Studies?

The Women's and Gender Studies certificate program explores how race, gender, sex, social class, sexuality and more are interconnected, and how they influence experiences, culture, policy, and social systems. Our courses apply an intersectional framework to learn about histories of social movements and create opportunities to engage with issues important to you on campus and in the community. Students learn to analyze the influence of gender in social, cultural and political systems.

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Additional Information

The program is often described by students as “real world meets college” because the courses examine both the lived experiences and current as well as historic issues that shape our lives.

Length of Program

12 credit hours that can be taken in as little as one semester with careful planning/advising.  Most students take one or two WGS certificate courses over an academic year as part of their Associate degree. The certificate is comprised of general education courses that also help earn an Associate in Art or Associate in Science degree. With focused advising, you can earn a WGS certificate and an AA/AS for the same money and time.  

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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