Testing Center Policies | JCTC

Testing Center Policies

All registration is encouraged as early as possible. First-time students must register for a placement test appointment prior to testing. Students requesting proctored mid-term or final exams must make an appointment in advance of testing.  Occasionally, same day appointments are available; however, there is no guaranteed availability. 

Students who require accommodations due to a disability must coordinate testing services with the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC).  Please contact the ARC at (502) 213-7127 or nicole.hines@kctcs.edu to discuss testing accommodations and guidelines.

All Assessment Centers operate under the Jefferson inclement weather policy. Students are strongly encouraged to register with KCTCS Snap Alerts.

A valid, non-expired, and acceptable photo ID is required to test or discuss test results. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Jefferson assessment staff has the sole discretion for determining the validity and acceptability of any ID presented.  If you have concerns about the acceptability of your ID or questions about our ID policy, please contact Stephanie Graney,  Director of Assessment in advance of your testing date.

  • Current high school student ID with name, photo, birthday or ID number
  • Most current, valid, US government issued photo ID
  • JCTC (or any KCTCS college issued) ID Card
  • Passport from a country other than the US
  • Kentucky driver’s license or state ID
  • Other state driver’s license
  • Permanent Resident Card 
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Federal Work Permit
  • Tribal ID Card
  • US Passport
  • Military ID
  • Visa
  • Diploma
  • Report Card
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Webpage photo
  • Employee ID Cards
  • Social Security Card
  • Printed school records
  • School yearbook photos
  • Hunting or Fishing License
  • Fitness Center or Shopping Club Card
  • Documents with unrecognizable photographs 
  • Identification letters written on behalf of the tester
  • Photographs or images of the acceptable form of identification
  • Documents that are worn, torn, tattered, other otherwise damaged that it renders any part of the text illegible or photograph unrecognizable 
All of Jefferson's Assessment Centers are monitored by closed circuit TV and by Assessment Staff circulating the center.

Placement Testing:

  • Students may only leave the testing room while in-between sections. 

Mid-term/Final Exams:

  • Students who exit the testing room and then resume their test will be reported for a potential test violation
Students will use only acceptable resources reviewed during the check in process. The use of external websites or internet browsing is strictly prohibited. Scratch paper, pencils, and calculators will be provided by Assessment Staff as necessary and may not be removed from the testing room.

Failure to follow these policies may result in the removal from the testing room, invalidation of test scores, faculty or administration notification, or possible disciplinary action as covered in the Code of Student Conduct.