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There is a $25 student paid fee to use the third-party service.

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Important note

Due to software updates, the Certiport IC3 Full Assessment Exam, equivalency for CIT 105, is not available at this time. The IC3 Fast Track exam, equivalency for CIT 095, is available by appointment at the Downtown Assessment Center.

IC3 Fast Track exams are administered by appointment only at the Downtown Assessment Center.

Make an Appointment for IC3 Fast Track Exam

The IC3 Fast Track is made of up of 45 questions: 

  • Computer-based digital literacy skills assessment that covers computing fundamentals, key applications, and living online.
  • Students have 50 minutes to complete the assessment, but plan for 90 for check-in/check-out and finding office locations.
  • Passing results of 700 on the IC3 Fast Track will award credit for CIT 095. 

Access vouchers are required and must be purchased at the Downtown Campus Bookstore, in advance of testing times. Once you have the access voucher you may take the IC3 exam during listed walk-in times, no appointment required or necessary.   

  • Retests are permitted: A new voucher is required for each retest unless a full assessment voucher with retests was purchased.