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Class Attendance

Federal regulations stipulate that students who never participate in academic activity for any given semester are NOT eligible for the federal student aid that has been offered. The Faculty of Jefferson Community and Technical College are responsible for reporting your class attendance in courses to determine if you have established eligibility for financial aid.

We have two groups that create issues regarding attendance requirements:

  • 1 = NO SHOW:  these are students who have never attended class.
  • 2 = DON'T KNOW:  these are students where attendance has not yet been confirmed.

Your instructors are responsible for confirming your attendance generally during the first two weeks of the semester.

Students falling into either of these categories are notified via their KCTCS student email account and will not have aid disbursed on schedule. This notification provides detailed information for resolution. Failure to resolve your NO SHOW or DON T KNOW status does not release you of any outstanding tuition or book charges that might still be owed to the college. In other words, you still have a bill to pay.

This information (Attendance Verification Form and Resolution Steps) may also be found on the Jefferson Financial Aid Forms page.