College students normally experience many challenges and changes throughout their academic career.

Counselors act as advocates to minimize educational barriers and provide critical assistance throughout the student's academic life.

Counselors offer various services designed to assist students in achieving academic success, improving personal well-being, acquiring self management and problem solving skills, while encouraging the value of commitment to attaining educational goals.

Services are confidential and available to all Jefferson students at no cost.

Confidentiality Statement:

All communication with a counselor is confidential. Information regarding content of discussions can be released only with the permission of the student.
The exceptions to this policy are:

  • when the information relates to clear and imminent danger to an individual,
  • when state law requires the reporting of information (threats of violence, child abuse or neglect),
  • when information is requested by court order.

Any disclosure in these situations will be made to an appropriate authority and will be limited to material directly pertinent to the issue involved.