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Library and Tutoring Services

At the Learning Commons, we have what you need to help you succeed! Check out the Learning Commons at JCTC.ME/LEARNING-COMMONS to learn more about library and tutoring services at Jefferson. 


Dual credit students are entitled to the same library resources and services as other Jefferson students. The library can be wherever you are! You can access Jefferson’s online resources from anywhere, at any time. (You will need to use your KCTCS username and password when prompted.) Jefferson participates in the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL), giving you access to even more online databases, books, articles, and audiovisual materials. Visit Jefferson’s Learning Commons homepage for more information about library resources and services, both on-campus and online, and to learn how to find, evaluate, and use information.


Dual credit students have access to the same tutoring services as other students at Jefferson. Students who take advantage of tutoring services through the Learning Commons tend to perform better in class and earn higher grades, so we encourage you to learn more about tutoring at JCTC.ME/TUTORING