LEAN/Six Sigma Services

Maximize efficiency, conserve resources, and create buy-in from your organization.

Learn how to use the power of LEAN/Six Sigma.

LEAN/Six Sigma is for any organization striving to dramatically increase production and simultaneously slash costs. This training offers a powerful, hands-on experience that demonstrates the effectiveness of continuous improvement of work methods in order to maximize efficiency. During this energizing process, your employees will work on actual projects that will directly affect your bottom line.

Each LEAN/Six Sigma program is customized to meet company needs.

Our certified instructors will assess your needs and assist your company in planning and implementing its Lean/Six Sigma program, followed by an implementation program.

Topics include

  • Executive Overview
  • Lean Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Standardization
  • 5S Visual Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Job Instruction
  • Problem-Solving Tools
  • Kaizen

Contact our Workforce Solutions team at (502) 213-2480 or email jf-workforcesolutions@kctcs.edu to learn about how LEAN/Six Sigma has produced amazing results for companies across varied industry sectors and how it can help you!