KCTCS-TRAINS is a fund designated by the Kentucky General Assembly to help companies willing to invest in workforce development for their employees. These funds are administered by KCTCS and are available through KCTCS colleges. Companies receive funding to assist with the cost of providing workforce training and assessment services to current and potential employees. KCTCS-TRAINS funds are distributed on a project basis and require a company cash match of 50%.Our Workforce Solutions staff will assist companies in developing training plans and applying for KCTCS-TRAINS funding.

Companies may apply individually or as a training network with other companies. The training networks meet common training needs of business and industry from various sectors of the economy. The network approach is successful because companies who only need one or two employees trained are able to join with other companies to obtain cost-effective and timely training.

Our Workforce Solutions staff will assist companies in developing the training networks. For more information call 502-213-2480 or email jf-workforcesolutions@kctcs.edu.