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Ways to learn online

At Jefferson Community and Technical College, we realize that different students learn in multiple ways, and different schedules play a big part too. That's why we offer several formats of online classes: Learn by Term and Learn on Demand. Both award KCTCS credit, just like you'd receive for an in-the-classroom course, but each operates slightly different.

Learn by Term

"Learn by Term" refers to the most common type of online class; those that adhere to a regular semester calendar: Fall, Spring, or Summer. You'll have a predetermined start date and a predetermined end date, and you'll be completing the class alongside other classmates (virtually, at least). You can enroll in a Learn by Term course the same way you would for an in-person course, through your home KCTCS college. While these courses are completed online, some require proctored exams and lab activities that may take place at an approved location convenient for the student. For more details about this kind of online course, click "Learn by Term" above. If you've been admitted to Jefferson and you're ready to enroll in Learn by Term classes, please click "Enroll or drop/withdraw" in the menu at the left!