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Enroll or drop/withdraw

Do you need to enroll in classes? Do you need to drop or withdraw from classes? You're in the right place. Follow the instructions below to complete these common tasks.

Viewing your current schedule:

View your current class schedule if you are already enrolled in classes (or to see if you are enrolled at all).

If you don't have access to self-service enrollment, you can contact jf-elearning@kctcs.edu for assistance with enrollment.

Drop/Withdrawal Policy

  • Please follow the Academic Calendar for the deadline or requirements for dropping or withdrawing.
  • Before the 100% drop date for your class a student may drop via self-service, in person at the Records Office or by emailing us at JF-Records-Office@kctcs.edu from your school email address. Include your ID#, course details and that you wish to drop.
  • After the 100% drop date all requests must be made from student self-service.
  • Step-by-step drop/withdrawal instructions