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Parking Information

Parking permits are required to park in all Jefferson student lots during the Fall and Spring semesters. Parking permits are not required for Summer terms.

Parking permits are $25.00 per semester and purchased through self-service. Students are allowed only one permit under his/her name. 

To purchase the parking permit, follow these steps

  1. From the student homepage, select the Student Center tile
  2. Locate the “Other Financials” drop-down box, click on it and select Purchase Miscellaneous Items, then click the small double arrow that is next to the drop-down box.
  3. Under quantity of items to purchase enter 1.
  4. Click Calculate Total
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. Click the Next button on the Confirm Order screen.
  7. Next, a Payment Method must be selected by choosing from the list in the Pay By drop down menu.
  8. Select Credit Card (full/partial) payment.
  9. Select Next. A Confirm Payment screen will appear.
  10. Select the Continue to Make a Payment button to be redirected to a third-party site.
  11. Enter the credit card number in the required field and select Continue.
  12. Enter the Name on the card, expiration date, and security code and then select Continue.
  13. Review the Purchase Summary and then select Submit.
  14. The Payment Result screen will display. Click View Confirmed Payment to view Payment History.
  15. Click the Home icon to return to the homepage.
  16. Once payment for the parking permit is confirmed you may pick up your permit in the Bursar's Office on the Downtown, Southwest Campuses or in the Student Service Office on the Bullitt, Carrollton, and Technical Campuses during regular business hours. 
  17. Student balances must be paid in full or have official payment arrangements (on a valid payment plan or approved third party such as Financial Aid) established before permit will be released.

Locations to pick up permit

  • Downtown Campus - Cashier's Office- Jefferson Education Center Room 300.
  • Southwest Campus - Cashier's Office - Student Center Building A Room 102
  • Technical Campus - Student Services office- Building B room 109
  • Bullitt Campus – Succeed Office- Room 102
  • Carrollton Campus - Front Desk (A101)

How to scan your permit

The qScan 2D laser scanner is mounted on the gates of each of our restricted parking lots on the Jefferson Downtown and Southwest campuses.

qScan Outdoor Permit Reader

Hold the permit roughly 6 inches below the scanner below the “Q” in qScan. 

Scanning parking permit

Here is a short video showing the permit being scanned.

Disabled Parking 

Disabled parking is available in the main student lot. A valid, state issued disabled permit registered to the student is required, as well as a Jefferson Disabled permit. To obtain a Jefferson Community & Technical College parking permit with a disabled sticker, you will need to present a current state-issued disability credential (i.e. Disabled Placard Receipt) to the Bursar’s Office for verification.

Illegally Parked Vehicles

The following vehicular violations are subject to citation, fine, booting, and/or towing:

  • Not displaying a valid permit or in an area where permit is not valid.
  • In a "No Parking" area
  • In a disabled space without the proper permit and/or parked blocking a disabled access
  • Blocking other cars, fire lanes, fire exits, doorways, access to trash dumpsters, or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant 
  • In loading zones unless actually loading. Flashers must be on.

You must display a valid current permit. It must be clearly visible; placed on the vehicle dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror. The permit number must face the windshield. Failure to follow these steps could result in a ticket or boot which will immobilize your vehicle and require immediate payment. If a boot is placed on your car this cannot be appealed and must be paid immediately.

If you would like to appeal a fine/ticket given by the college, you must talk to security which is on the 1st floor of the Hartford building.

Tickets/Fines must be paid at the Bursar/Cashier Office. The Bursar’s office does not handle ticket appeals.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is located in the Jefferson Educational Center Garage, 200 West Broadway, Louisville KY 40202. There is a 30-minute limit. 

Parking Locations

For details on where student parking is located, please refer to our campus map.