Transfer Resources

Great Resources:

  • Remind students that a massive College Transfer Fair every Fall semester.
  • Workshops and Information Session on campus (see Transfer Center Events for listings)
  • Transfer Center website. Newly updated with the most current info!
  • New transfer APPs posted for Spalding, Sullivan, etc.
  • Students at every campus have access to Great Transfer Advisors!
    • Carrollton Campus:
    • Downtown Campus:
      • Selena Sanchez
        • Office: Jefferson Educational Center, room 603
        • Phone: 502-213-2285
      • Kitty Zachery
        • Office: Jefferson Educational Center, room 603
        • Phone: 502-213-2443
    • Shelby County Campus:
      • Phone: 502-213-3613
    • Southwest Campus:
      • Julie Branham
      • Office: Advising Center in Student Community Building
      • Phone: 502-213-7377
    • Tech Campus:

Talking Points - Students need to:

  • Determine a major. Research majors and job market
  • Sign up for a CollegeFish account . This free software allows students to compare colleges, costs, access information on scholarships, application procedures and recruitment opportunities. Go Fishing!!!
  • Determine what type of College/University will be the best fit - research college programs (school website, college fairs, etc.)
  • Stay on track to obtain a degree in a timely manner. Meet with Transfer Advisor AND an advisor from your transfer school. Understand the APP (Academic Program Plan) and complete the courses which satisfy JCTC s graduation requirements and the requirements for your four-year degree.
  • Select your transfer College/ University and apply for admission
  • Apply early! Be aware of school deadlines- application, scholarships, etc. Many scholarships have early deadlines!
  • Online applications can be found under admissions or talk to the university rep on campus.

Big questions:

  • How do students know the classes to take?
    • Academic Program Plans for many universities and degrees are available on the advising and transfer websites, talk to a Transfer Advisor, or contact the university.
  • What classes transfer?
    • Most academic classes transfer as either a degree requirement or elective. SOME universities will take tech classes.
  • Do grades count?
    • Absolutely for scholarships, admission to selective programs, and for cumulative GPA for grad school.
  • Transfer scholarships?
    • Yes! All KY publics and most privates have transfer specific scholarships. Apply early!