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Transfer Resources

Great Resources:

Talking Points - Students need to:

  • Determine a major. Research majors and job market
  • Sign up for a CollegeFish account . This free software allows students to compare colleges, costs, access information on scholarships, application procedures and recruitment opportunities. Go Fishing!!!
  • Determine what type of College/University will be the best fit - research college programs (school website, college fairs, etc.)
  • Stay on track to obtain a degree in a timely manner. Meet with Transfer Advisor AND an advisor from your transfer school. Understand your Academic Program Plan and complete the courses which satisfy Jefferson's graduation requirements and the requirements for your four-year degree.
  • Select your transfer College/ University and apply for admission
  • Apply early! Be aware of school deadlines- application, scholarships, etc. Many scholarships have early deadlines!
  • Online applications can be found under admissions or talk to the university rep on campus.

Big questions:

  • How do students know the classes to take?
    • Academic Program Plans for many universities and degrees are available on the advising and transfer websites, talk to a Transfer Advisor, or contact the university.
  • What classes transfer?
    • Most academic classes transfer as either a degree requirement or elective. SOME universities will take tech classes.
  • Do grades count?
    • Absolutely for scholarships, admission to selective programs, and for cumulative GPA for grad school.
  • Transfer scholarships?
    • Yes! All Kentucky publics and most privates have transfer specific scholarships. Apply early!