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Financial Documentation

Students who are using their own funds

  • Submit original, certified bank statements from accounts in your name which have sufficient funds to cover ALL years of study at Jefferson Community and Technical College. ($18,344 x 3 years = $55,032)
  • Submit the Financial Certification Form

Students who have sponsors:

  • Submit notarized Affidavit of Sponsorship completed by your sponsor(s)
  • Submit original bank statements from your sponsor’s accounts totaling a minimum of one year of estimated tuition and living expenses
  • Submit an original employment verification letter from your sponsor’s employer.  If the sponsor is self-employed, the sponsor must submit a copy of his or her most recent filed income tax form, or a report of commercial rating concern.
  • Submit the Financial Certification Form.
  • Submit Affidavit of Sponsor Providing Room and Board: Complete this form only if someone is providing the student with a free place to live and free food. That person must complete and sign the affidavit and attach a copy of the lease or deed with his or her name on it. The support promised in this affidavit is equal to $6952 of living expenses.

Please note:

  • Bank Statement(s) – must be on original bank stationary, no older than six months and certified authentic by the bank
  • Employment Verification – must be a statement confirming the sponsor’s employer, position and date of hire from the sponsor’s employer made on original company stationary.
  • Review the cost estimates and consider the estimated length of program of study as 3 years. Complete the Financial Certification Form indicating the amount of support that will be provided from each source for the length of your program of study.
  • Financial support must be adequate for the entire length of the program of study. The evidence submitted must show that there are sufficient funds immediately available for the first year and that there will be sufficient financial support for the entire program of study.
  • All proof of financial support must be submitted in English and in U.S. dollar amounts.
  • All proof of financial support must be original documents and must have the dates on which they were printed or written.
  • All financial resources must be in liquid assets. Stocks, bonds, or other investments with cash value may be accepted if evidenced by a portfolio on the managing firm’s stationary. Please note that retirement accounts cannot be used as a source of financial support unless the sponsor can provide evidence that he/she is retired and able to access those funds without penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Please be aware that evidence of financial support must also be shown to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when applying for a visa. Therefore, you will need to have two sets of financial support documents—one to submit to Jefferson Community and Technical College and one to present to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • F-1 students who are already in the U.S. must submit evidence of financial support.