Financial-Documents | JCTC

Financial Documentation

Students who are using their own funds

  • Submit original, certified bank statements from accounts in your name which have sufficient funds to cover ALL years of study at Jefferson Community and Technical College. ($18,344 x 3 years = $55,032)
  • Submit the Financial Certification Form.

Students who have sponsors

  • Submit notarized Affidavit of Sponsorship completed by your sponsor(s).
    •  Some students may have one or more sponsors. The combined financial support provided by sponsors must be more than or equal to the sum of $18,344. Each sponsor must complete and notarize (or otherwise authenticate) Affidavit of Sponsorship and attach the following documents:
      • Bank Statement(s) — must be on original bank stationery, no older than six months, certified authentic by the bank, and show the current balance of the account, for the last three months.
      • Employment Verification — must be a statement from the sponsor's employer made on original company stationery.
  • Submit the Financial Certification Form.
    • This is a statement from the student explaining where financial support will be coming from for the entire program of study.
  • Submit Affidavit of Sponsor Providing Room and Board: Complete this form only if someone is providing the student with a free place to live and free food. That person must complete and sign the affidavit, along with:
    • a copy of the lease or deed with his or her name on it
    • proof of employment. The support promised in this affidavit is equal to $6952 of living expenses.

Instructions for financial Support Requirements

  • All proof of financial support must be submitted in English.
  • All proof of financial support must be original documents and must show the dates on which they were printed or written.
  • All financial resources must be in liquid assets. Stocks, bonds, or other investments with cash value may be accepted if evidenced by a portfolio on the managing firm's stationery. Please note that retirement accounts cannot be used as a source of financial support unless the sponsor can provide evidence that he/she is retired and able to access those funds without penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Please be aware that evidence of financial support must also be shown to the US Embassy or Consulate when applying for a visa. Therefore, Jefferson will return original financial documents to the student with the I-20, which the student can bring to the US Embassy for the visa appointment.