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Financial Information for F-1 students

Due to US federal government regulations, Jefferson Community and Technical College is required to obtain financial certification documents for each international student.

Applicants must submit evidence that there are sufficient funds immediately available for the first year of study and that there will be sufficient financial support adequate for the entire program of study. The entire program of study is estimated to take three years, if the student is enrolled for 12 credit hours per semester and does not take summer classes. F-1 students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours every semester but are not required to take summer classes.


Tuition: $609 X 12 credit hours X 2 semesters = $14,616
Books $400 semester X 2 semesters = $800
Fees: $136 X 2 semester = $272
Total: $15,688

Living Essentials:


Room & Board: $6952
Personal: $800
Transportation: $2020
Total: $9772.00

Grand Total: $25,460

Tuition Expenses:

F-1 students pay non-resident tuition. The estimated cost per credit is $609 for the 2019-2020 academic year. One academic year’s tuition cost is, therefore at least $14,616. Tuition is subject to change at any time. There is also a $136 college fee ($40 flat fee + $8 fee/credit hour) each semester charged to all full time students. Tuition and fees must be paid at the beginning of each semester.

Books and Fees:

The cost of books and student fees is estimated as $400 per semester. One year of books and fees is $800. This is just an estimate. The actual cost of books may vary according to subject and the number of classes in which you choose to enroll.

Student Health Insurance:

Students are not required to purchase health insurance. However, JCTC strongly recommends that students purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy.

Housing Expenses:

Jefferson Community and Technical College does not provide student housing. All students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. Students generally have no difficulty finding apartments near the college campus. Jefferson Community and Technical College estimates the cost of room and board for one academic year at $6,952. This is only an estimate. The real cost of your housing expenses will depend on the housing arrangements you make.

Living Expenses:

It is difficult to estimate the expense of living as a student in Louisville because expenses will vary according to students’ individual tastes, habits, and the actual cost of living. However, the College estimates personal and transportation expenses during one academic year to be $2,020. This estimate does not include the cost of airfare or the purchase of an automobile.


If you plan to bring your spouse or child with you to the United States, you must submit financial support documentation for an additional $4,000 for your spouse and $2,000 for each child per year. Your spouse and child each must have a form I-20 in order to accompany you.

Plan ahead:

Education in the U.S. is expensive. Please think carefully about the expenses and be sure you can afford them. All international students pay the out of state tuition rate (for non-Kentucky residents). Federal financial aid is not available for international students. Jefferson Community and Technical College does not have scholarships specific to international students. Some of our scholarships have eligibility requirements that international students will NOT meet, however other are broader in their requirements. Scholarships are usually given for one semester.