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I'm enrolled-now what?

Below are common tasks for students who have officially enrolled in online classes.

Activate your account

As a KCTCS student, you'll have three accounts that share the same username and password: student self-service, Blackboard, and webmail. If this is your first time to be enrolled, click the "Activate your account" link to activate these accounts. The same link can also be used to reset your pass word if you have previously had access to your KCTCS accounts.

Order your books

Students enrolled in online courses should refer to the KCTCS Distance Learning Bookstore to find textbooks and materials required for online courses. Click the link"Order your books" to navigate to the KCTCS Bookstore portal, and select "KCTCS Distance Learning" from the drop-down box on that page.

Also, as a Jefferson student, you can install the full version of Microsoft Office 365 for NO CHARGE! More information and instructions can be found on our FAQ page.

Pay your tuition

Once you enroll in courses, you become financially obligated, regardless of whether or not you attend/complete the course(s). For information on paying your tuition, click the "Pay your tuition" link. Instructions on how to pay online through your self-service account.

Check your webmail

Once you're enrolled in at least one class, you'll gain access to your KCTCS webmail account within 24-48 hours. This is an important tool that you'll need for nearly every aspect of being an online student. Your KCTCS webmail account should be used for all correspondence with your instructor, as well as KCTCS staff. Be sure to check your email account regularly. Your login credentials for this will be the same as your KCTCS student self-service and Blackboard accounts. If you require any assistance with your webmail account, please contact the Help Desk at jf-helpdesk@kctcs.edu.

Go to your classes

Once you've completed each of the steps above, you're ready to log in to Blackboard and begin your course (as long as the course start date has arrived). KCTCS online courses are accessed via Blackboard. Your login credentials for Blackboard will be the same as your login credentials for your student self-service account and your KCTCS webmail account. To log in to Blackboard, click the "Go to your classes" link. If you're new to Blackboard, you'll also find several resources to assist you on the "Student Support" tab at the top of any Blackboard page.