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Self-Service Registration

Instructions for using Self-Service Registration

  1. Go to your Student Self Service.
  2. Log in with your user name and your password.
  3. Click on Class Search
  4. On the search screen, check to make sure the term is correct, then -
    1. Select Jefferson in the college box
    2. Select the first Jefferson listing in the campus box (if you want DT campus)
    3. Leave the location box blank.
    4. Type in the three letter prefix for your desired class (Example: ENG for English) in the course subject box.
    5. Enter the three digit class number in course number box (Example: 101 for English 101) and hit the search button at the bottom.
  5. On your results page, you may choose to look at the first three results or you may choose to “view all results”. Select the time and class that fits your schedule and add to your cart.
  6. If you get a message about enrollment access, email for assistance.
  7. You will then repeat this process for each class.

Just like other “purchases” you make on the computer, you will add classes to your shopping cart and check out once you are finished. You may also delete items from your cart.

If you just add classes to your cart and do not check out, you are not registered. Once you finish checking out, go to “View My Schedule” and verify that your classes  are correct.

Additional Search Criteria at the bottom of the screen allows you to search for classes on specific days or for those offered on-line. To search for on-line courses, click MODE OF INSTRUCTION and then select “online and open to all students”. Leave the college and campus blank if you wish to see on-line offerings from colleges other than Jefferson.