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Academic FAQs


Most students can register over the Internet. Students must have completed an Academic Program Plan with an advisor to be eligible to register online. Students who have completed an Academic Program Plan (APP) and have 60+ credit hours will be able to begin using their student self-service panel in PeopleSoft to register and students with fewer hours shortly thereafter.

If you have not completed an Academic Program Plan, see your academic advisor quickly to be able to choose the courses you want at the times you want.

  • Carrollton campus:  Students should contact Heather Yocum or call (502) 732-4846.
  • Downtown campus:
    Students should contact the Advising Center in the Library on the 2nd floor.
  • Southwest campus:
    Students sign up for a time in the Advising Center by calling (502) 213-7377.
  • Shelby campus:
    Students should call (502) 213-2277.
  • Technical campus:
    Students should contact Tony Leslie

Credits earned through other education programs, such as credit-by-examination, you may submitted to the Records Office. Only KCTCS approved exams can transfer. A listing of approved exams can be found in the KCTCS course catalog.

Login to PeopleSoft with the user ID and password you use to check your email. Once you have logged in, click "Self Service". Click on "Student Center".

  • If you know the class number:
    Select the "Add a Class" link under enrollment. Make sure you are enrolling in the correct term. If it is the wrong term, you may select a new term from the drop down box. If you know the class number, enter it in the "Enter Class Nbr" field, then press Enter. Press the green "Next" button after you verify this is the correct class. You will see a message near the top of the screen verifying that the class has been added to your Shopping Cart. Continue this adding process until you have all the classes you need in your Shopping Cart.
  • If you do not know the class number OR want the view all classes offered by KCTCS:
    Select the "Add a Class" link under enrollment. Make sure you are enrolling in the correct term. If it is the wrong term, you may select a new term from the drop down box. Click green search button beside "Search for class". Type the course number and the department letters in the "Catalog Number" field (ex. 101ENG). If you do not know the catalog number, you may search for it using a portion of the class number.
  • Once you have added all of your classes:
    Click "Proceed to Step 2 of 3". Review the class list to make sure they are correct and press the green "Finish Enrolling" button. If there is a red "X" in the Status column, there is a problem preventing you from enrolling in this class. Click on the X to view the error. If there is a green check mark in the Status column, you have been successfully enrolled in that class and your enrollment transaction is complete. At this time, you have added your classes and you are finished enrolling. You now have the option to view your class schedule or make a payment.
  • Viewing Class Schedule:
    Login to PeopleSoft with the user ID and password you use to check your email. Once you have logged in, click "Self Service". Click on "Student Center". Your class schedule will be shown here. For a more detailed schedule, click on the "My Class Schedule" link on the left hand side. The current term will automatically be displayed. If you wish to view a schedule for a different term, change the term by selecting one from the dropdown box and click the "Change" button. At first, all classes that you are enrolled in, dropped, or were waitlisted for will appear. Review the Status column on the left to determine the status of each class. You can choose which classes are displayed by checking or unchecking boxes in the "Class Scheduling Filter Options" section. To view currently enrolled classes, uncheck "Show Dropped Classes" and "Show Waitlisted Classes". Press the "Filter" button. Change the Display Option to "Weekly Calendar View" near the top of the page. You may use the Printer icon on the Internet Explorer toolbar to print your schedule.
  • Remember to logout when you are finished.

Login to PeopleSoft with the user ID and password you use to check your email.
Once you have logged in, click Self Service. Select Student Center, then select Drop a Class from the left hand side. Review the list of the classes you are enrolled in and check the class you want to drop in the Select column. Press the green Drop Selected Classes button. Make sure you have selected the correct class to drop and press the Finish Dropping button. Review the message given to make sure you have successfully dropped the class. Click the My Class Schedule button to view your new schedule and confirm the drop. At this time, you have finished dropping your desired class.

Remember to logout when you are finished.

In order for your admission packet to be complete and before any of your transfer coursework will be evaluated, Jefferson's Admissions Office must receive an official transcript from each institution you have attended.

The official transcript must list final grades and have a print date of less than six months old. Official transcripts maybe sent directly to Jefferson from your previous school, or you may submit transcripts yourself in a sealed envelope provided by your previous college or university. The college reserves the right to request an official transcript be sent directly by previous institutions.

Military transcripts must be sent directly to Jefferson Community & Technical College from the military.

Jefferson Community & Technical College
109 E. Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202

To ensure you are not blocked from any courses that require prerequisites, you must submit transcripts prior to enrolling.

All transcripts received become the permanent property of the college.

Holds (Service Indicators): You can learn if and why there is a hold on your account and how to correct it by going to the "Campus Personal Information" link on the main" SA Self Service" page. Then click on the "Holds" tab to review any holds that may have been placed on your account. Below is a list of holds that you may see with the information on who to contact if you have a question or concern.

Be sure to note the effective term for the hold!

  • ADV: Usually this hold, or the comment "must see an advisor", means you need to attend an Orientation. No registration is permitted until this is removed. If you have already attended orientation or have questions please contact the Advising Office on your campus.
  • ADM: This can be a hold for a transcript, a visiting student letter, a new application to be submitted or other specified requirements. Contact the Information Line (502 213-4000 with questions.
  • FIN: A financial hold means the student owes the college money. Contact the Cashier's Office with questions (502) 213-2553
  • WRO: A Write Off means the student owes the college money. Contact: the Cashier's Office with questions (502) 213-2553.
  • COL: Means that the students' financial obligation has been sent to collections. Contact the Cashier's Office with questions (502) 213-7203.
  • NOC: These are not holds, just notices and will not stop the student from registering
  • OLO/KYVU: Not a hold, but a notice that the student completed the online orientation
  • LIB: This is a library hold. You should speak with someone at the circulation desk to resolve this issue. Contact the Library at (502) 213-5333

"Error" appears, this means you are NOT admitted into the class. By clicking on the error you can find out more and then compare the note you received with the information below.

  • The class is full: Click on "Cancel" to return to the "Add Classes" page and select another class that suits your schedule.
  • Requisites not met: This means one of three things: Your placement scores are not high enough to permit you in the class. You must select a lower level class. You are not currently enrolled in a pre-requisite class required for the class for which you tried to register. You have not previously completed the pre-requisite class. If you have successfully completed the pre-requisite class at another institution, seek assistance in the Records office on your campus (502) 213-4000.
  • Hold on Student Record: You can learn why there is a hold on your account and how to correct it by going to the "Campus Personal Information" link on the main "SA Self Service" page. Then click on the "Holds" tab to review any holds that may have been placed on your account. Departmental/Instructor permission required. You must get permission to register for this class.

Below is a list of classes that can be permission only:

If your class is not listed below please contact the Answer Center at (502) 213-4000.

  • Interdisciplinary Student classes
  • English as a Second Language classes: Course section number always has an F for the third digit
  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II: Combined/accelerated course.
  • Selective Admission Courses: You may not be able to register in certain selective admission courses such as LPN and RN, Radiography, or PTA without prior approval from the department. You will need to contact your faculty advisor for additional help.
  • Class Link: There is a lab or discussion component related to this class. You must register for both parts before your enrollment is successful

Every new student needs to complete an application for admission.

If you have had any previous college, we will require official transcripts to be sent to the college.

All transferring students must contact their former college or university to have an OFFICIAL transcript mailed to and received by Jefferson no later than 30 days after the beginning of the semester. Transfer students should plan to have copies of all college transcripts (unofficial transcripts) or grades for advising and registration.

For detailed information on how to get started at Jefferson, visit the Admissions page on our web site.

Students who wish to register online but do not know what courses are needed for their major, MUST first meet with an academic advisor to complete an Academic Program Plan (APP). Please contact an advisor on your campus about completing the APP. We strongly encourage every student to have an academic program complete before you enroll for classes using student self-service.

Visit the Academic Calendar page on our website to find out when registration begins, registration dates, academic calendars and course offerings. Online registration begins: March 1st for the Summer & Fall semesters and October 1st for the Spring semester.

A student gets email access 24-48 hours (2 business days; weekends and holidays are excluded) AFTER enrolling in a regular college credit class.

Before that they have access to student self-service (aka PeopleSoft or PS).


  • Downtown Campus:
  • John T. Smith Library, 2nd floor

Shelby County Campus:

  • Student Services, Room 118

Southwest Campus:

  • Advising Center (Student Center)
  • Library

Technical Campus:

  • Library, Building B, 1st floor
  • Student Services, Building B, room 109, has two computers available during office hours

Once you have submitted all official, postsecondary transcripts, and your Admission to Jefferson Community and Technical College is complete, a member of the Records Office staff will complete your transcript evaluation within two weeks. Once the evaluation is finalized and posted to your student account, you will receive an email notification.

Your previous grade-point average (GPA) will not transfer, but the grades you earned will be notated on your Jefferson record. The amount of credits you earned will calculate into your Jefferson cumulative earned hours and will count towards hours for Online Registration.

See your advisor or stop by the Student Information Center on the Southwest Campus or the Jefferson Educational Center Building First Floor on the Downtown Campus to complete a change of major form or email from your KCTCS student account. If emailing, include your Student ID number.

Contact student services and ask them to update both your primary and preferred name. If the last name has been changed a new username will be generated. You will need to go through the new account activation process in order to get the new username and reset the password.