Payment Information

Fall 2018:  TUITION DUE FRIDAY, August 10, 2018.

For tuition rates, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Tuition can be paid by the following methods:

  • Online (Credit Card or Check):
  • Cash Payments:
    • Accepted ONLY in person at Bursar’s office on the Downtown, Southwest, or Shelby Campuses
    • Cashier services not available at Bullitt, Carrollton, or Technical Campuses
  • Check or Money Order:
    • Payments must include student ID number and daytime phone number.
    • Mailed payments must be postmarked ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEADLINE and addressed to:
      • Jefferson Community and Technical College
      • Bursar’s Office
      • 109 E. Broadway
      • Louisville KY 40202
  • Third Party/Financial Aid/Scholarship:
    • Financial Aid recipients must verify, through the most recent Student Self-service message center EBILL, if there is sufficient anticipated aid to cover all tuition and charges by the payment deadline.
    • Most financial aid is prorated based on hours enrolled. Loans, CAP, KEES, AND WORK READY require a minimum of 6 credit hours enrollment. (CAP, KEES, AND WORK READY not available during the Summer term.)
    • If your tuition is paid by an employer, vocational rehab, or other third party, confirm this with appropriate documentation by the payment deadline. All documentation must be submitted to Bursar’s office.
    • Metropolitan College students must sign their current term agreement by the payment deadline.
    • Charges not covered by one of these payment sources must be paid by the payment deadline.

Payment Plan:

It’s Easy to Enroll:

  1. Go to Student Self Service and Log in

  2. Choose the Student Center tile

  3. Select Make a Payment

  4. Select Pay All Charges then click Next

  5. Select Setup Official Payment Plan then click Next

  6. Select Setup Payment Plan

  7. Enroll in payment plan

Please note: your payment plan doesn’t go into effect until you submit the agreement and receive a confirmation.

  • The cost to participate in the plan is $25.
  • The payment agreement and down payment (if required) must be completed and submitted online through the Student Self-service by the payment deadline.
  • The number of payments and the down payment amount vary depending on when the payment agreement is submitted.
  • Payments are automatically deducted from a bank account or charged to a credit card.
  • Payment plans are not available for the Summer term.

Contact information: