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Scholarship applications are now closed until January 2022.

**If applying for a scholarship that indicates “Financial Need Considered”, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), by the scholarship application deadline.**

For more information or if you have questions contact Financial Aid at

Please read each scholarship description carefully.

Available Scholarships:

External scholarships are managed by outside organizations who have their own application process.  Students will need to follow the external links provided to apply.  Students who win an external scholarship will need to work with the outside organization and Jefferson’s Bursar’s office

Community Foundation of Louisville 

  • Vogt Educational & Leadership Scholarship (Current high school seniors only) - Applications open in October
  • Louisville Artisans Guild Art Scholarship (Current high school seniors only) - Applications open in November
  • General Scholarship Application (65 scholarships) - Applications open in December
  • Scholarships are open to International students.
  • Community Foundation of Louisville scholarship coordinator: Naomi Davis


Community Foundation of Southern Indiana  

  • Lilly scholarship – Applications open in August and close September 14
  • All other scholarship applications open in December and close on February 1 
  • Community Foundation of Southern Indiana scholarship coordinator: Crystal Gunther  


KHEAA’s Affording Higher Education

This annual publication is updated yearly by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA).  This book lists financial aid programs for Kentucky students pursuing higher education and includes many scholarship opportunities.  Please visit KHEAA's website to learn more amount Affording Higher Education in Kentucky.


The Point Foundation Community College Program

  • Students are evaluated on academic performance and potential, financial need, their involvement in school and community, and goals for the future.
  • This selective program aims to support LGBTQ leaders in their growth as student activists so that they can continue to inspire change in their communities both before and after transferring.
  • Scholarship application opens March 1 and closes May 3rd.  Learn more and how to apply on their website.


B. E. Tolliver's Books for Book Nerds Scholarship
To be eligible for a scholarship, students must:

  • Have received their high school diploma from a school in Kentucky or received their GED from the state of Kentucky.
  • Be currently enrolled full time (12 hours or more) in a college or university located within the state of Kentucky.
  • Compete in our essay contest.
  • Applications open May 2022 apply here

The Evolve502 Scholarship will give every eligible JCPS graduate the opportunity for a tuition-free, two-year college degree, certificate, or training. With this incredible opportunity, open the doors to Jefferson and start your educational journey now!

To apply or learn more, visit the Evolve502 website.

Thinking about starting college or going back to complete a degree? Jefferson Community and Technical College wants to help new students ages 25 or older jump-start their education and cover tuition for the upcoming Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. That’s up to 30 credit hours of free tuition!

To apply or learn more, visit the Jump-Start website

1.       What is the purpose of the 15-to-Finish scholarship?

The 15-to-Finish scholarship is designed to reward students who stay on track to graduate in four semesters with an associate degree.  The award is $500.

2.       How to I apply for the scholarship?  When are the deadlines?

Students have between December and May to accept the 15-to-Finish Scholarship Agreement for the upcoming fall semester.

Starting in May and ending in November students will have the opportunity to complete the 15-to-Finish Scholarship Agreement for the upcoming spring semester.

To apply you go to Student Service Center, under Tasks you will find the 15-to-Finish Challenge Agreement.  If you do not accept the challenge you will not qualify for the award.  You will have to accept the challenge each semester to qualify.

3.       How are classes counted?

You must be enrolled in 15 associate degree program applicable credit hours in either a Fall or Spring semester.  These must be 100 level classes or higher that count towards your associate degree (A.A., A.S., A.A.S).  You must pass all 15 of these credit hours in the base semester.  You then must enroll in 15 associate degree program applicable classes the next consecutive fall or spring semester (award semester).  Note: summer does not count only Fall-to-Spring or Spring-to-Fall.  Awards will be posted in the second award semester after the Census date.  

4.       What classes count and what classes do not?

You must be in 100 level or above classes that count towards your current associate degree program.  These classes need to be Program Applicable. You will be notified via your KCTCS email account if you enroll in classes that are NOT program applicable.  Developmental or ESL classes do not count towards your associate degree and are excluded from this scholarship.  KRS tuition waiver or high school dual credit students do not qualify for the scholarship.

5.       What degrees count and what grades count?

You must officially (by Records Office) be in an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or an Associate of Applied Science degree program by the start of each semester to qualify for the scholarship.  Pending majors will not qualify for the scholarship.  All classes must be program applicable and count towards your associate degree.  In the base semester you must pass with a grade of A, B, C, D, or P.  Only KCTCS courses count for eligibility for this scholarship.   

6.       When will awards be posted?

The KCTCS Systems Office will create a list of eligible students after the 8th day of the start of the Fall or Spring semester.  After the Census date Jefferson Financial Aid will post awards to student’s accounts for $500.  Note: Financial Aid will not know who qualifies officially until this list comes from the KCTCS Systems Office; you will not be able to use this award towards calculated financial aid by tuition payment deadline.  

7.       What does the award sequence look like from fall-to-spring or spring-to-fall semesters?


Sample 15-to-Finish scholarship path*

Fall year 1 Spring year 1 Fall year 2 Spring year 2
Class Hours Grade Class Hours Grade Class Hours Grade Class Hours Grade
ENG 101 3 C ENG 102 3 C ASL 101 3 C ASL 102 3 C
COM 181 3 C HIS 108 3 C HIS 109 3 C ELECTIVE 3 C
ART 100 3 C PHY 151 3 C PHY 152 3 C ELECTIVE 3 C
ECO 201 3 C ECO 202 3 C GEO 162 3 C ELECTIVE 3 C
SOC 101 3 C MAT 162 3 C PSY 180 3 C ELECTIVE 3 C
Total hours 15   Total hours 15   Total hours 15   Total hours 15  
*Note: This is a sample plan. Please consult an Academic Advisor each semester to make sure you are taking the correct coursework and that it is program applicable. $500 awarded after Spring Census $500 awarded after Fall Census $500 awarded after Spring Census; Graduate with Associate degree in Spring


8.       Further questions about the 15-to-Finish scholarship?

Please contact Jefferson Financial Aid at  

  • Jefferson Foundation/Gift and KCTCS Scholarship applications will open in January and close in March with dates posted on this website.  Students MUST have the scholarship application, all attachments, and the FAFSA (for Fall/Spring of the next academic year) submitted by the deadline to be considered for scholarships.
  • The Jefferson Scholarship Committee will meet in May to decide who will receive scholarships for the following Fall/Spring academic year. Awards will be posted, and notices sent to students in early June. 
  • Fall and Spring scholarships will be adjusted based on hours enrolled.  The student must maintain the minimum eligibility criteria for the scholarship in each Fall and Spring semester to receive the scholarship.  
  • Failing to maintain the eligibility criteria of a scholarship will result in the scholarship being cancelled and given to another student. 
  • Jefferson Financial Aid Office will check for eligibility criteria and enrollment after Fall or Spring census date.  If a student is not meeting the eligibility criteria of the scholarship or is not enrolled by the Census date the scholarship will be canceled and given to another student.
  • Scholarships should disburse with Jefferson Financial Aid’s first disbursement date for Fall and Spring semesters. 
  • Scholarships can only be used at Jefferson Community and Technical College and are not portable to any other college. 
  • Students will not know if they officially qualify for the 15-to-Finish scholarship until after Fall or Spring census dates. 

How to Title the Scholarship Essay

Student First Name Last Name

Student ID Number 00________

Scholarship Name


Scholarships with Essay Requirements:

Dr. David Driscoll Memorial Scholarship

  • Applicants must submit an essay explaining their History-related career goal.
  • NOTE: History majors only.


Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Horvath Academic Assistance Scholarship

  • Applicants must submit a one-page essay describing their need.
  • NOTE: Parent or grandparent must be a fulltime JCTC employee or retiree.


George and Mary Lee Fischer Scholarship

Applicants must submit a 500-1000 word essay that provides:

  • A description of educational and career goals.
  • How this scholarship would help in educational journey.
  • Description of financial need.


Jefferson Jubilee Scholarship

Applicants must submit an essay that provides the following:

  • Current area of study.
  • Explanation of education and career goals.
  • Description of financial need.
  • Explain how this scholarship could assist in reaching career/educational goals.


Mary Frances Opatken Gregory Scholarship

  • Applicants are required to submit an essay describing their education/career goals and how this scholarship could assist in reaching these goals.


Mimi's Hope Scholarship

Applicants must submit a statement (essay) for review that provides the following:

  • Why the applicant chose their field of study.
  • A description of their career goals.
  • How this scholarship would help in their educational journey.
  • A description of their financial need.


Visit the Learning Commons Tutoring Center for help writing your essay. 


Scholarship Attachments 

Highland Woman’s Club Endowed Scholarship

  • Must submit a copy of the most recent year's tax filings
  • NOTE: Single parent only and must have file taxes Head of Household.


Phyllis Krantz Memorial Scholarship

  • Fine Arts majors only.
  • An Art Portfolio must be submitted to: Barry Motes - Department Head Fine Art