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Accommodations for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Interpreting Services-Available upon Request

ARC Coordinators assist by coordinating the scheduling of external interpreting services to provide communication access for our students whose primary mode of communication is American Sign Language or a variation of a sign communication system. 

Note Takers - Available upon Request

Deaf and Hard of Hearing students rely upon a variety of visual clues to process information correctly.  Therefore, the services of a note taker are utilized in the classroom.

  • Note takers are fellow students who are in the same class as the deaf and hard of hearing student.
  • Note takers and the students they are working for are provided with carbonless paper, free of charge.

Assistive Listening Devices and Adaptive Equipment - Limited Availability

These items are in limited quantity and subject to availability.  In addition, there are specific procedures one must abide by to receive such devices.  Contact an ARC Coordinator for more details.

  • FM systems
  • Digital Recorder
  • Headphones

To Receive Accommodations

Contact and ARC Coordinator at (502) 213-2449 or (502) 213-4104 to arrange an appointment to meet.

When you come for your appointment, bring either a copy of an audiogram or a physician’s statement that discloses your degree of hearing loss. Accommodations cannot be granted without appropriate documentation.

Complete an Intake interview with an ARC Coordinator.

Activate your free student e-mail account, 24-48 hours AFTER you register for classes, and maintain it properly.

All Jefferson campuses rely fully upon the KCTCS Internet to maintain close contact with its students.  The Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) will use the KCTCS Internet system to communicate with the students it serves.

Office Location and Staff

Downtown Campus (mailing address)
109 E. Broadway
Chestnut Hall, Room 319
Louisville, KY 40202

Alexandria Goode, ARC Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator
Office Location: Chestnut Hall, Room 319-C
Office Phone: (502) 213-4104

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services Documents