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Documentation Needed for Accommodations

Documentation Guidelines

A letter or report on letterhead signed and dated by your diagnosing practitioner indicating the following information is necessary to document your disability for our office. Documentation must include the following:

  1. Official letterhead of the diagnosing practitioner, displaying license and/or certification.
  2. Contain evidence of a recent evaluation.
  3. Describe the nature of the disability (diagnosis).
  4. List the date of the first diagnoses.
  5. List names of relevant tests/evaluations and results.
  6.  Describe the severity of the disability.
  7. Describe the current method of treatment.
  8.  Include any recommendations that may help student succeed in the classroom.

If your diagnosing practitioner has any questions or concerns regarding this request, ask that an ARC Coordinator be contacted. All documentation and information pertaining to the student with the disability is held in strict confidence and will not be released to anyone without prior written consent of the student with the disability.

Documentation specific to a learning disability must include additional (comprehensive) information. Please ask an ARC Coordinator for these additional specifics before attempting to obtain this type of documentation.

Steps to ensure access to accommodations

The Access*Ability Resource Center recommends following these steps to ensure successful access to accommodations:

  1. Complete the Student Request for ARC Services Form.
    • In preparation for the intake meeting be sure to gather all necessary disability documentation describing your disability and recommended accommodation(s) from the diagnosing practitioner. Follow the ARC Documentation Guidelines.
    • Attach the disability documentation to the Student Request for ARC Services Form.
    • Then the student must electronically sign and submit the form.
  2. After the request form and disability documentation is received, an ARC Coordinator will reach out by email or telephone to schedule an intake evaluation.