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Documentation Needed for Accommodations

A letter or report on letterhead signed and dated by your doctor or treatment professional indicating the following information is necessary to document your disability for our office:

  1. Diagnosis;
  2. How you are being treated/assisted by the treating professional in regard to your diagnosis (i.e., therapy, medication);
  3. Medication and any side effects of medication, if medication is being used;
  4. Any behaviors or other barriers (limitations in functioning) resulting from your diagnosed condition (i.e., difficulty concentrating, problems with memory) which may impact student in an academic setting.
  5. Any suggestions or ideas your treatment professional may have regarding academic accommodations (ways to reduce limitations in functioning) for you.

If your doctor or treatment professional has any questions or concerns regarding this request, ask that the Director or Resource Manager be contacted. All documentation and information pertaining to the student with the disability is held in strict confidence and will not be released to anyone without prior written consent of the student with the disability.

Documentation specific to a learning disability must include additional (comprehensive) information. Please ask the Disability Resource Manager for these additional specifics before attempting to obtain this type of documentation.

Meeting with the Disability Resource Manager is the first step in the accommodation process. Please complete and submit the ARC Request for Services Form to set a meeting with a Disability Resource Manager.