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ARC Services

Services offered by the Accessibility Resources Office

Answering Questions Related to:

  • Orientation
  • Registration
  • Academic concerns
  • Disability issues
  • Career exploration

Facilitation of Academic Accommodations:

  • Disability documentation validation
  • Liaison with instructors
  • Classroom accessibility
  • Program accessibility

Interagency Communication, Resources, and Referral:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Department for the Blind
  • Mental Health Agencies
  • Hospital/rehabilitation services

Academic Support Services:

  • Adaptive equipment (located in the ARC and Learning Resource Center)
  • Tape recorders, electronic spellcheckers, talking calculators, FM listening devices
  • Large equipment available on campus
  • Copier with enlarger function
  • Braille Embosser
  • Assistive technology software including Kurzweil Reader, Zoomtext, and JAWS Software
  • Computers equipped with print enlarger, speech synthesizer or adaptive keyboard
  • Auxiliary support personnel: American Sign Language Interpreters


  • Each faculty member is responsible for administering or making provisions for their students with disabilities to take class tests, quizzes, etc.
  • When the ARC must be involved, the following can be provided:
    • Assistive technology
    • Readers/Scribes
    • Monitoring of tests

Consultation and Training for Faculty and Staff:

  • Professional development
  • Individual student consultation
  • Resource for federal legislation

Contact the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) to arrange an appointment to meet with a resource manager to discuss accommodations. Meeting with the Disability Resource Manager is the first step in the accommodation process.

  • CALL: 502.213.2375.