Accommodation Letters Process

Once the student is certified by the Director or Resource Manager as being eligible for classroom accommodations, accommodation letters are prepared by the ARC.

An example of the contents of an accommodation letter follows:

  • Mr. Doe is one of your students this semester. He has supplied documentation of his disability.  Based on a review of Mr. Doe's documentation, the following accommodations are recommended:
    • Extended test time (time-and-a-half)
    • A separate area, with minimal distractions, in which the test may be taken.

The following is an outline of the accommodation letter process:

  • Accommodation letters are prepared by the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC).
  • Letters are e-mailed to Professors at the beginning of each semester. The Student receives a copy of this e-mail with the accommodation letter attached.
  • Once the student has received this e-mail with the accommodation letter attached, the student should check with the Professor to assure he/she has, also, received the e-mail. The student can inquire if the Professor has any questions about the accommodations when following up about the accommodation letter.
  • If the student has any difficulty obtaining the accommodations outlined in the letter, the student should contact the ARC Resource Manager (Terri Martin at 502.213.2449 or Nancy Birkla at 502.213.7120).
  • If the student does not contact the ARC about any difficulty getting accommodations, the assumption will be that accommodations are being provided as needed.

If the student qualifies to test in the ARC, one week or more in advance of a test date the student should contact Nicole Hines, the administrative assistant and testing coordinator located in the Downtown Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC).

Students can make this contact:

Contact the Access*Ability resource Center (ARC) to arrange an appointment to meet with the director of the ARC or a resource manager. Call 502.213.2375 for this appointment.

Meeting with the Director or Disability Resource Manager is the first step in the accommodation process.