Accommodation Letters Process

Once the student is certified by the coordinator or assistant coordinator as being eligible for classroom accommodations, accommodation letters are prepared by the ARC.

The following is an outline of the accommodation letter process:

  1. The student picks up the letters at beginning of the semester from ARC, usually during the first or second week of classes.
  2. The student presents the letters to each professor and schedules a time separate from class to discuss his or her accommodation needs with the professor.
  3. The student and professor must reach an agreement as to the manner in which the accommodations will be accomplished for the semester.
  4. If the student and professor cannot reach an agreement, the student will contact the Disability Resource Manager and set an appointment to discuss the matter. In the event of absent contact from the students, it will be assumed that the accommodations being provided are as needed.

Accommodations do not roll over from semester to semester and must be requested by the student each semester.

An example of the contents of an accommodation letter follows:

  • Mr. Doe is one of your students this semester.
  • He has supplied documentation of his disability.
  • Based on a review of Mr. Doe's documentation, the following accommodations are recommended:
  • Extended test time (time-and-a-half)
  • A separate area, with minimal distractions, in which the test may be taken.

If you need accommodations in the classroom due to a diagnosed disability, please call for an appointment to speak with one of the college's Disability Resource Managers:

Meeting with the Disability Resource Manager is the first step in the accommodation process.