Emergency Operation Plan

Campus Safety Officers will act as first responders to all emergencies that occur on campus property until relieved by Emergency Responders, i.e. Police, Fire, EMS.

All persons should prioritize activities and tasks in response to emergencies for:

  • Life Safety:
    • All immediate response activities should be focused to save the lives of affected person(s), and reduce the risk of further loss of life or injury to members of the campus community.
  • Protection of Property:
    • After the protection of life, all measures should be focused on the protection of college property.
    • After establishing the safety of college property focus shall shift to the protection of personal property on campus.
  • Protection of the Environment:
    • After safeguarding the lives and property of the college, officers will then assist with any environmental impact considerations that have occurred as a result of the initial incident or in response to the emergency.
  • Return to/Protection of Basic Services:
    • The last phase during an emergency will be to protect basic services and to return to normal business operations.

Basic Emergency Procedures:

  • All members of the college community are encouraged to be fully aware of emergency procedures established by JCTC.
  • These emergency procedures can be found in the JCTC Emergency Procedures Guide (flip chart) and by clicking the links under Emergency Procedures to the left.