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Hazardous Gas Leak

Hazardous Gas Leak (Flammable, toxic, corrosive, oxygen, cryogenic)

If a gas cylinder or gas piping should begin leaking, or it is suspected of leaking, and if the judgment of the person(s) responsible for such materials says it presents a danger to them or other building occupants, the following steps must be taken:

  • Immediately notify building occupants to evacuate the area using the preplanned evacuation route.
  • Notify 911, and then,
  • Notify Campus Safety or your campus emergency contact.
  • Also, ensure that the ventilation system for the building is shut down.
  • Request Public Safety to shut down the HVAC system for your building.
    • Provide the following information:
      • Building name and/number
      • Floor number
      • Room number
      • Specific chemical name of the involved gas
      • Estimated volume of gas
  • Vacate the area and report to the pre-designated rally point.

Make every attempt to direct evacuating personnel away from the hazardous area. Building occupants should not return until instructed to do so.